Create an innovative string job just for the new STX and enter to win a or a and a couple new from STX. And get your string job published on !

Just use a digital or a regular and a and then e-mail at least three good of the and your string job to !


A Gary Gait signed STX G-Force and...

two unstrung STX Hype heads and...

your choice of the STX Aquaphile jacket...

OR the STX Entrant jacket!

Our judges are Chris Heim of STX, John Weaver of E-Lacrosse, and GARY GAIT of STX! Pictures of your Hype pockets must be postmarked or e-mailed to us by February 15, 2003 (preferably in .jpg. .gif or .bmp format). We will then send out unstrung Hypes to the top three and they will string them with their pocket and send them back within a month for Gary and the other judges to try out for the final judging! All three finalists will win two Hype heads and have their pockets published by E-Lacrosse! The winner takes home a G-Force signed by Gary Gait and chooses between an STX Aquaphile jacket or an STX Entrant Jacket! We will announce the final winner on May 1, 2003. You can buy an unstrung Hype right here at the E-Lacrosse Store for only $69.99 BUT, no E-Lacrosse purchase is neccessary. You do have to at least borrow a Hype from a friend for long enough to string it and take pictures. It's a Hype stringing contest so, Yes, you have to have access to a Hype to participate. Be fully prepared to write all your steps and take more photos if you are the winner!

E-mail entries can be sent to


Regular mail entries can be sent to:
E-Lacrosse Contest
P.O. Box 442
Glen Echo, MD 20812


= Picture

= Digital Camera

= Film Camera

= Scanner

= STX Hype

= E-Lacrosse