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WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools called for in the E-Lacrosse Stick Tech section can be dangerous when not properly used. If you intend on trying any of these tips at home, you must tell your parents exactly what your plans are before proceding. Improper use of some of the tools suggested can result in cutting, burning or staining yourself or your family's property. So ask FIRST, and be careful!
Hey I love your site. I've strung a few of your pockets and they are great. Thanks a lot! I play up in Oregon so it gets quite rainy and muddy. I have a Warrior Blade. These are very flexible. Is there any way I could stiffen it up a bit or should I just switch heads altogether? - J.S.
Thanks J! There's no way to really stiffen it up. But, it's a popular head so just trade it or sell it on the E-Lacrosse Classifieds and buy another. Most manufacturers make a few stiff heads so it will be easy to find one you like once you have the cash.

I have a problem with lacrosse gloves. When I'm NOT wearing gloves and play with bare hands I have perfect control over the stick but when I put ON gloves I lose 50% of the control. Is there any glove that has the feel of a bare hand or really light or is it legal to make my own glove? - Matt
Matt, While the top of-the-line gloves get much better, in this respect, every year, who doesn't have that problem? That's why the kids who practice with gloves on are better ON THE FIELD than the kids who don't. That's why the pros just cut the palms out of their gloves. There's no rule against making your own glove, but you just enter the same frustrating endeavor that's plagued the manufacturers for years - making a glove feel just like the hand. That development will revolutionize the game.

How many yards of string are in the spool of pocket nylon, and how many sticks do you think I could string with that spool?
100 yards of string are in an average spool which would make about 25 traditional or 12 Homegrown stringing jobs, for example.

Hey, great site! I saw a new Brine stick called the Prophecy. It's got this bluestuff in the sides. Have you guys seen it? Is it any good? I heard that it was super expensive. - Davey
Thanks Davey! We just got a Brine Prophecy and like it very much. While it is pricey, it seems to deliver what is promised in a narrow, tight and soft pocket with a great throw and no ball rattle. We have many more pictures of the Prophecy here and look for the Brine product interview with designer Bill Daye in February on E-Lacrosse!

I was trying to dye a mesh piece yellow but left it in for too long and it come out sort of orange. Is there anything I can do to bring the color back to yellow? Love the site!
Thanks! Use RIT dye remover until you can see it get close to the color you want. You may get a peach color resulting from removing orange, though. If it is turning peach, keep it in the remover until most of the dye is gone and then use yellow again but use less water than is called for in the dye mix to get a better yellow.

I was just wondering if E-lacrosse had an address so I could send a letter. - Andy
E-Lacrosse can be reached my postal mail at:

P.O. Box 442
Glen Echo, MD 20812

and our e-mail is:


We look forward to hearing from you!

When stringing a traditional head, does it matter if you run the leathers straight into the holes at the throat or do you have to wrap them around and then into the stick? And when stringing mesh, should you string the throat very tight or does it matter if the mesh at the throat of your stick is very loose and saggy? Thanks for your help. - Cris, Box Player and Coach from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Everyone seems to tie off the strings at the throat of the stick differently and it doesn't really matter. You will notice that the tightness at the bottom of the pocket has everything to do with how it handles and throws (to answer your first question), but how you actually tie them off is up to you. Going under the plastic and coming back up before tying off seems to set the pocket in the right direction but straight-in works too and no difference may be noticed after a good pounding in of the pocket. You can see below that the first pocket is pretty standard, the second is a straight through version using nylon "leathers" and the third is a women's stick just to show you that an intentionally tight pocket will usually take the leathers straight through with no wrap-around first.

Could you please tell me where I can find rules and guidelines for playing Chumash Lacrosse? - James I. Smith Wilmington, NC

The web site address for Chumash is http://www.rock-itpocket.com/docs/chumash/chumash.html. The game with a narrow goal you can score on from both sides was invented by Flip Naumburg of Rock-it Pocket. He's the coach at Colorado State and the Vail Tournament founder. The site has rules pictures and everything you could ever know about Chumash!

Chumash at the Vail Tournament

I am a High School coach and I think your site is excellent. I tell all my players to check it out their freshman year. It's worth the heat I get when the parents give me a hard time because the kids are cooking their sticks in the oven and other such lax-type nonsense. The guys all love the site, too and we're always talking about the latest and greatest stuff we read here. I was wondering if you could put me in touch with Alf Jacques. I'd love to get one of his wood sticks. I've been looking to pick one up for a couple of years. Thanks and keep up the good work.
First, Thanks for the support! There are a few popular makers of wood crosses. The new sticks will be around $110.00 US and will need NO restoration. E-Bay sticks should be no more than 30 dollars and WILL likely need restoring at least a bit. Here are the contacts for the new sticks:
  1. Patterson http://www.pattersonlacrosse.com/

  2. MIL - Mitchell Bros http://www.mohawkintlacrosse.com/

  3. Alf Jaques - no site but phone is 315-492-9580

Alf Jaques

It would be appreciated if you could tell me what the word was for Lacrosse before the French renamed it. What was the name that the (Wyandot) "Huron" used for the game? Or, was it from the Onondagas nation?
Both. Variations of the game were played by tribes in all parts of the United States and Canada and even some of Mexico. So, many names existed. But the game was most notably called Baggattaway, meaning "they bump hips" by the Algonquin tribe, and Tewaarathon, meaning "little brother of war", by the Iroquois tribe. Read more in our brief History of Lacrosse by Peter Lund. Or get exhaustive information in Thomas Vennum's book "The Little Brother of War", shown below.

The Tom Vennum Book "Little Brother of War"

I am from the Alberta Lacrosse Association. I know my kids would love this site. Can I put you as a link on our web? - Lisa
Sure Lisa! In fact you don't have to ask us to link us. We always appreciate it! And if anyone would like to send us their lacrosse related website link, we'll include it in our links section, as well. We have the Alberta Lacrosse Association linked up already!

In the October Q & A you mentioned Tom Ryan had a helmet made that was larger than the regular C-Pro l-xl. Is there any way for someone like myself, who is at the high school level, to have such a helmet made? - George
Sure there is. Just contact Cascade or go through your local retailer like Lax World (1-800-PLAYLAX) and just ask them to special order an XXL helmet from Cascade. All models may not be available but the C-Pro was.

I have been playing lacrosse for about 4 years now and I need to get a new helmet. I was wondering if the new helmet by the gait brothers is legal in high school?- Tweed
It is legal in high school, college or any other league that requires a NOCSAE certification. We have used the helmet and like it. It is very adjustable, allows good visibility and is light and comfortable.

Last time I wrote you guys was in 1998 about getting recruited to play in college. Well I ended up getting recruited by Pfeiffer University, so thanks with that. Now, for my next question - I was wondering if you knew if STX will include more sidewall string in their kits now so that people can string the hype from the top, not everyone buys spools. - Phil
We spoke to STX's Chris Heim and he said that the string kits are the same length as the string used to do the Hype in the factory so you should be just fine. Let us know how it goes though!

I have just started playing lacrosse and am finding it a really cool game. Other then helmets and gloves what other protection would you recommend I wear if I'm going to play midfield and attack? - Nereus
Nereus, You'll need arm pads and shoulder pads and a cup You can get rib pads if you want them. You will also need a pair of cleats. The rubber or plastic treaded football cleats are good (like Reebok Workhorse or Gridiron).


I found that by using a rubber shooter as my first shooting string removes the whip from my revolution. Two problems I came across while trying to string my shooter is the lack of holes the shooting string can fit through. Because of this problem I was forced to string the shooter through the larger hole above. The second is using a single string, as depicted in one of your pictures, with monster-mesh. I find it difficult to get the shooter to stay in the same place due to the large holes. - Unknown

Firstly, cut the rubber shooting string cover so it fits inside the plastic of the shaft. And to your second observation: Monster Mesh sucks when it comes to shooters. Symetry is the key to great stringing and Monster Mesh isn't.

After reading the article on making your own rubber shooting strings I thought that it would be a cool thing to try, so I did. I just finished it about 5 minutes ago and it's amazing. I made a channel and used 2 regular shooting strings with one rubber string in between. It's incredibly accurate and it throws like a dream. Although it did take a little bit of getting used to, I also think that for some reason it makes your shot faster. At least, that's what it felt like to me. There were 2 problems I encountered. One was the price. It cost me 10 bucks for the rubber and I only got a small 4 foot roll. The other was the fact that it took forever to get the nylon into the rubber. Other than that it is a great idea. - Mike

Mike, I know it makes the average shot faster. We've tested it for over a year now. But on the price of rubber tubing, I cut the pieces to 6 inches each, tops. That gives me 8 of them for ten bucks at your cost. That ain't too bad. The nylon is a pain to weave through. I get the wider rubber and shrink it more! Works the same but a tiny bit heavier.

Thanks for all your questions? Keep them coming and we'll do a Q&A session every few months! Send them to john@tonabricks.com!