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Stick Tech Workshop - ReADeR TIPS!


OK, We've narrowed it down to 3 finalists in the HUGE HYPE STRINGING CONTEST! It's time to let the pros take over. Our three finalists will get three Hypes in the mail (each) sometime next week (the other two Hypes are theirs to keep as runner-up prizes). They'll have ten days to get one of them strung and back in the mail to us. Then we give the heads to Gary Gait and Chris Heim to try for a few weeks! The winner will choose an STX jacket and get an STX G-Force signed by #22 himself! We will also attempt to sign the winner to a stringing contract at E-Lacrosse which means you'll be able to buy the pocket here!

Note: stringing contracts are NOT like music recording contracts. Stay in school - you'll need a real job someday! Thanks for your comments, many of which we have included below. They were very helpful in the judging!

Every finalist should feel great about their showing. In fact many of them will be contacted by us to write an instructional story with photos about how they did their pocket (yes, this pays). Many of our readers want to know how to string some of these, as you will read. Thanks to all for participating. We'll announce the winner on or before May 1! Send your comments on the pockets or anything (even stupid stuff) to john@tonabricks.com!

WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools used in lacrosse stringing can be dangerous when not properly used. Tell your parents exactly what your plans are before using dangerous objects.


Pocket #2     Submitted by Chris Whitworth

Pocket #7     Submitted by Brad Lloyd

Pocket #10     Also submitted by Andrew Peacock


Is there anyway I could get like instructions on how to make pockets 6 & 2 - Joey

I was wondering if Andrew Cain who submitted Pocket #4 had instructions on how to string my Hype? If so I would appreciate all the help you can give me and look forward to future topics on Stick Tech. - Steve

I think the 11th entry is definitely the best. It looks like it'd be real nice to play with. The combination of pocket types looks more functional than most people who seem to do that just to show their style. I'd play with it if I had one for sure.

To me pocket 11 looks the best and would be the one that I would choose and would work the best.

Pocket # 1 is sweet. Will you tell us how to string it if he wins?

Pocket #1 submitted by Max McCool

I really enjoyed looking at all the finalist pockets. I was wondering how to string some of them. Is there any way you could e-mail me directions to make pocket #2 by Chris Whitworth. That would be really great. Thanks.

I love Andrew Cain's design, I myself was thinking about trimming a piece of goalie mesh down a little so I could string it to the top of my hype, but by inserting the Trakker in the middle he has a better channel and the mesh reaches perfectly. He definitely is the winner in my book! - Dan

Yo I just wanted to say that stringing number 9 is the phattest one out there. It looks super nice and it looks like the best pocket out of all of them. I definitely think you should pick numero nine cuz I want to find out how to string that!!! By the way, I love the site. I get all my lax info from it. Keep up the good work, and please e-mail me after you pick number nine so I know when to go back and get the directions to string that crucial pocket. - Eric

Hey how was pocket number 2 done? Because it looks really awesome and I wanna try it out.

Pocket #2 definitely looks the best and the most symmetrical on both sides. It looks like it was strung by a talented stringer. Furthermore it looks the most functional as well, with the locking strings connecting to the channel. Overall the best I think.

#s 11, 7, 1, & 2, (yet a few are a bit sloppy) look new and innovative for the hype and are original ideas. You may disagree but I think all others are slight variations of already thought up pockets designed to fit in the hype. - James

Pocket #11 submitted by Marcus Kirby

Most of those pockets that you put up look really cool. I wouldn't vote for [one or two of them] but other than that the others are really cool, especially pocket #4. That one looks like it will throw very well, and personally, I wouldn't mind trying that out. - Dan

The Marcus Kirby Hype is undoubtedly the best stringing job on the site. That guy better win. The stringing job looks great and difficult. I wish I could know someone who could string it like that guy does.

#2 and #4 I would pay good money to have them sent to me just like that, and I'm sure other people would as well. Is this possible? - Brent Crosato Co-Director of player development, Canada West Lacrosse

Pocket #4 submitted by Andrew Cain

The late entry #11 is awesome. I like the mesh on the sides. Also the 2 leathers together are pretty cool.

#s 6,7 and 8 are much more creative and a lot cooler looking.

I would have to say the best would be the 2nd pictured on the finalist page. It's also the one in the advertisement for the results.

9 looks awesome. I vote for # 9. Can He string one up for me? - John Gags

I would say that pockets 4 and 5 are the most innovative and use the hype's features the best!!

Pocket #5 submitted by Chris Smith

I wanted to make some quick comments cause I just can't seem to keep my two cents to myself. Right off the bat, some of the pockets that have been devised must have taken a great deal of R&D hours to come up with! However I am not sure that some of these pockets have really been tested/played/passed/caught with! Simple case in point! The wide gaps between the twists in the pocket nylon on some of these pockets would let through a bucket-o-balls! Been There Done that! It freakin hurts! The pockets without the gaping holes, like the pockets that Lloyd, Peacock, and Cain came up with are slick, and just might work really well. My last and finial comments: Gary G. plays with a Traditional pocket in his sticks… So who knows how he will feel about these mutant trad-mesh pockets? Thanks for taking the time to listen to a WannaBstringer and thanks for a great site! Keep up the good stuff! - Iwannablaxn

Looking at the results of the finalists after narrowing it down myself around the mesh pockets I would give props to Andrew Peacock. His stringing jobs are innovative, appear to have a nice hold and release as well, I would like to see at least one of his sticks make the top 3.

#s 8, 9 , and 10! This kid appears to know what he is doing with a stick, 8 appears to be his weakest but I would definitely consider him the strongest stringer in the contest especially after seeing 9 and 10.

Pocket #9 submitted by Andrew Peacock

I would definitely have to say I would love to see pocket #9 published or at least have the chance to play with it once. It looks like it would have a nice throwing "channel" and release a lot of speed. Just thought I would drop a comment. - Dan

Dude all that Peacock kid's sticks are mad tight. Especially number 8 that %$#@ looks so incredibly...incredible that you would be crazy not to take that in. With the exception of #2 and #7 it shouldn't be a close race at all. All his sticks are clean and look sharp as %$#@.

Hello. I am a junior in highschool with 4 years lacrosse experience and I was looking over the finalists for the HYPE stringing contest. I was amazed at the creativity and effort put into these pockets. Each one was really different in style and I liked all of them. I have to make a comment about #4 by Andrew Cain. I have multiple sticks and different pockets in each. I have used trakker and mesh and traditional, but have only been able to mix traditional and mesh. The problem for mixing mesh and trakker was connecting them both to each other. He must have found out a way to do it and I would REALLY like to see how he has done it because I have talked to a lot of people on my team and they think that a mix of mesh and trakker would be cool too. Please if you could, put him up as one of the top three at least because we think that idea is totally awesome.

I think that #2 and #6 are the best but, If I had to choose one I would most likely select #6. - Jerry

Pocket #6 submitted by Oman Frame

Numbers 1, 2 and 4 are really good looking, and look like good quality.

Hey, I'm Chris Whitworth's best friend and I have personally used his hype and it kicks %$#. I'm even going to have him string it in my x2. You should pick his stick because it is so good. Love the web site. - Andrew

Pocket number 2 by Christopher Whitworth has the most original and unique design.

March 11, 2003

Create an innovative string job just for the new STX and enter to win a or a and a couple new from STX. And get your string job published on !

Just use a digital or a regular and a and then e-mail at least three good of the and your string job to !


A Gary Gait signed STX G-Force and...

two unstrung STX Hype heads and...

your choice of the STX Aquaphile jacket...

OR the STX Entrant jacket!

Our judges are Chris Heim of STX, John Weaver of E-Lacrosse, and GARY GAIT of STX! Pictures of your Hype pockets must be postmarked or e-mailed to us by February 15, 2003 (preferably in .jpg. .gif or .bmp format). We will then send out unstrung Hypes to the top three and they will string them with their pocket and send them back for Gary and the other judges to try out for the final judging! All three finalists will win two Hype heads and have their pockets published by E-Lacrosse! The winner takes home a G-Force signed by Gary Gait and chooses between an STX Aquaphile jacket or an STX Entrant Jacket! We will announce the final winner on May 1, 2003. You can buy an unstrung Hype right here at the E-Lacrosse Store for only $69.99 BUT, no E-Lacrosse purchase is neccessary. You do have to at least borrow a Hype from a friend for long enough to string it and take pictures. It's a Hype stringing contest so, Yes, you have to have access to a Hype to participate. Be fully prepared to write all your steps and take more photos if you are the winner!

E-mail entries can be sent to john@tonabricks.com


Regular mail entries can be sent to:
E-Lacrosse Contest
P.O. Box 442
Glen Echo, MD 20812


= Picture

= Digital Camera

= Film Camera

= Scanner

= STX Hype

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