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We picked 10 stringing specific reader tips for publication this month! And we're giving the authors e-Lacrosse Rage II Videos! Winners contact us if we miss you. Some e-mails cannot be returned to the addresses given to us.

WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools called for in this tips section can be dangerous when not properly used. If you intend on trying any of these tips at home, you must tell your parents exactly what your plans are before proceding. Improper use of some of the tools suggested can result in cutting, burning or staining yourself or your family's property. So ask FIRST, and be careful!

The Snapshot     Submitted by Paul

First, I just want to let you know that I think that E-Lacrosse is the greatest. It's pretty much my favorite site on the web. Second, I just came up with this great new pocket I call the "Snapshot." It's a cross between a Rock-it pocket and my own custom design. So far it seems to be working great. It has excellent ball control and shoots and throws with a nice little "snap" to it.

Mad Science
   Submitted by Brent

I gotta say first that I have been stringing for about a year and have learned everything I know from E-Lacrosse. Thanks for keeping it up and running as a great tool for any lax stringer or player. I was sitting in bed and decided to start stringing away and this is the outcome of a mad scientist at work for a night. I strung the outside leathers with a regular traditional style but I did that pretty tight to the sidewall. Then I used coils to center the ball into the middle of the stick and for the middle I had the 2 leathers cross once at the top and once at the bottom so that it would create a circle for the ball to rest in. This pocket has great control and a smooth release. Shooting strings are optional since the top cross of the leathers acts as a release point.

"Totally Original..."    Submitted by Joey

This is a stick that I strung the other day. It is totally original. The Main idea is split leathers that come together to form a perfect channel.

Joey, We love the string job and are sure you thought it up. BUT its too close in concept to these two Van O'Banion pockets we had lying around the office to be "totally original". A great stringer named Voltaire once said something like "Originality is nothing but judicious imitation". Very few things ever sent to us are totally original.

The safer way to suggest possible originality for a stringing idea is this next guy's opening line…

Never Before Seen...    Submitted by Craig

This is a custom stringing that I have never seen before. If strung properly it will have almost no whip, lots of hold and you will feel the release. This pocket only takes up 1 stringing kit.

Craig, We also love this one but we have seen the elements involved on other sticks before, as well. The reason we even point this stuff out is not to make you guys feel less creative or accomplished. Every time a tip goes up and the writer says something is original, we get twenty e-mails telling us about Joe Blow in 1987 who used to do that too or the town of East Whatchacum that has been doing that for years. So we, in essence, by publishing the claim, potentially made all of East Whatchacum and every Joe Blow out there feel bad. More importantly, we are just dealing with some string and knots which are perhaps one of man's oldest tools. Read a book on rope and sailors knots and you will see that what we do in lacrosse stringing is relatively primative. It's not important that our string jobs be 100% original, just that they be functional, well constructed and exactly what we as the stringer want them to be. That is total success. And the fact that you thought up the idea is not diminished in any way because someone else thought of it too. "Great minds think alike" another great stringer once said. And the reason Voltaire said what he did above, was because there were many, um, stringers in his day that he wanted to borrow ideas from for development and visa-versa. The whole stringing community benefitted, so to speak. I say this to comfort Joe Blow, the town of Whichicum and Craig and Joey above, but especially Tyler below.

Lax n Brew's "Jersey Pocket"    Submitted by Tyler

I wanted to get a new pocket for my Warrior Razor, something unique that no one has. I was looking anywhere and everywhere for inspiration. I found it on the field. I was practicing in full gear at my favorite wall, and for some reason when I looked down my practice jersey caught my eye. So when I got home, I started examining it, seeing if it held its shape, if it would tear, and if I could even string shooters through it. I pounded it as hard as I could with a pocket pounder, ran shoe laces through it, and found out you can't stretch it under any pressure.

The next day right when I woke up I took off the Dura that I already had on. I cut a strip off of the sleeve on my practice jersey (7" wide x 14" long). I put the sidewall strings in every 4th hole. I used a piece of elastic to tie the pocket to the throat (to give it a little more cushion while catching). For the shooters, I used nylon at the top, two laces, and a circular piece of elastic as a bottom shooter. It was bunching up before I put the elastic on. Now the ball rolls over the elastic and eases into the shooters.

Tyler, You have a great mind. I know that because when I was in High School in Baltimore, a LONG time ago, I started a small entrepreneurial venture which is pictured below. Lance at Lax World cut me a break and even put the product in the catalog.

Not many sold, but it was fun to throw with. In any case have fun with the pocket, but I had to rain on your "something unique that no one has..." parade to be fair to all. By the way, in the end, even I went back to mesh and traditional pockets shortly for various reasons having to do with shot speed, adjustability and the bunching you may have fixed with the elastic. We don't mind giving Tyler a hard time either because...

...we know he can string!     Also submitted by Tyler

I saw the picture of the "homegrown" and I really liked the center coil. Not so much how it was done, but more the idea of a center coil. I strung this head traditionally, but instead of the middle two leathers, I used a coil. It works great! I did this on a STX sniper.

The "FHP Pocket"     Also submitted by Tyler!

This was my first experience with coils and it's really nice! It has very little ball rattle, and that could be minimized if you use loose coils. The leathers are underneath the coils and the pita twist, so the ball floats effortlessly out of the pocket. Check it out! Its worth the time it takes to string! If you are new to stringing, you might want to try something with twists that is a little easier than this. But if you feel you can conquer the FHP pocket, then here ya go...

Materials needed: two leathers, two 15ft pieces of nylon, and two 5ft pieces of nylon.

You start by stretching the leathers. Then you put them in the center two holes. Tie the nylons to the LEATHERS FIRST at the top of the leathers! Bring the string back through the hole in the sidewall. Then wrap it around until you have the coil you want. Count how many times you coiled it, and repeat on the other side. When both are done, make a coil going down between the two leathers. Make it stop where the next holes in the sidewall are. Wrap the nylon around the leather once, and put the nylon through the sidewall hole. Repeat the above steps until you get to the bottom. It is going to look like a nice stick at this point but with very open sides. If you use a thin nylon the ball will fall through the holes if you catch a hard pass. You must do this next step if you are using a thin nylon especially.

Now, start at the bottom. Tie nylon through the outer two holes at the bottom (where the leathers would go). Slide it underneath a coil and wrap it around. Go up to the next coil and do the same (count how many coils you are from the sidewall for each one so it is the same on both sides). Keep doing that until you are at the top on both sides, then start coiling down. Once you get to the first set of coils, slide the nylon under one of the coils and wrap it around. Count how many coils you do in each one, so it is the same on both sides. Do that 'til you get to the bottom, and tie it off. Wrap shooters around the upper coils. I recommend three laces. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE LACES THROUGH HOLES IN THE SIDEWALLS AND NOT CONNECTED TO THE COILS! IT WILL RUIN THEM! You have yourself a FHP Pocket!

A Tough Pinch     Submitted by Garrett

I live in Atlanta and have only been playing for about a year now. I had an Edge head but eventually began to dislike how wide it was. So I decided to pinch it. After many battles, it still was not to my liking. The throat was really hard to keep legal, and the stick just would not stay pinched. After a long battle, I finally got a great pinch on that thing. I wouldn't suggest this on any head, but for really stubborn heads, this method works great.

First, I heated the stick up for about 30 seconds on my burner to make the plastic soft. I put a pencil in the scoop to keep it legal, then I rammed a baseball into the throat to expand it, then with using both my legs to push the plastic in, I tied up the middle past legal. I let it sit for a couple days. Then I used the oven burner trick mentioned on your site. I had to keep the heat low so the pencils/baseball would stay fine, so I did this method about 3 times. Once the plastic was fully cooled, I took everything off. The head did flex back a little, but that is why I used a large object to keep the throat legal, and I tied up the middle super tight, so it came out perfect. I threw some monster mesh on it quickly, here is how it turned out!

A man of few words
   Submitted by Kevin with no text.

Cornered     Submitted by Mike

Here are pictures of the corner pocket I put on my Vapor. It works like a dream. All my friends and family love to use it. It has a smooth release with no whip but shoots so unbelievably fast it's not funny. My wizard with a trakker has no whip but doesn't shoot half as fast.

This is my little brother's Wave. When he got the stick to play with me he didn't like his soft mesh. Since I have corner pocket I made him one for his Wave. It looks a little different because I had to use a full piece of hard mesh due to the width. The Wave does not have the 4 holes at the bottom like most. The thing throws great. Some times I will use the Wave and he will use my stick. All my friends love it.

For Keeps     Submitted by Adam at Trinity-Pawling School

This is a pocket I created when I was sitting around with nothing to do on a Sunday. I took a piece of 6 diamond players mesh, attached it to the middle, then attached the yellow string and begun to make coils. Then I attached the yellow string to the bottom of the stick and sidewall. I began to attach the white string to the top and to coil down attaching a coil from that to the sidewall and so on till reaching the bottom where I tied it off to the bottom of the head. Then, to fill the gap between the end of the mesh and the head, I created a unique method to use when the mesh is too short and you want to still have a deep pocket without the ball falling out. I Tied in the shooting strings, then adjusted all strings until I had the desired depth. It has great hold and the ball is channeled right to the bottom where it sits and does not move unless you want it to.


The Amazing Expanding Pocket     Submitted by Aaron from Canton, Mi

I've found a way to string that gives people who like whip a faster and more accurate shot. I have been stringing for about 2 years now and I help my teammates if they have any problems with their sticks. I like whip and this pocket gives me a good shot when I put the shooting strings on. I put a shoelace in between the 2 leathers so the ball will sink in the middle. When I catch the ball the diamond design in the very middle gets much larger.


Thanks to all for participating. Keep sending your tips and we'll pick some more in a few months! Send them to john@tonabricks.com! Please include your name and a permanent e-mail address.

October, 2003

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