This review will test your maturity. If you giggle more than once, that's probably bad. We ran into the Sport-Speed Resistance guys at the 2004 Lacrosse Convention in Philly where they were debuting the Tight Butt and the Power Stick. The Tight Butt is a twist on performance end cap with a wide rubber stop. The Power Stick is a weight insertion system that is quickly installed and uninstalled from your game stick for lacrosse specific workouts for your back, arms, chest and abs. The Products were invented and developed by two Maine high school coaches, Craig Curry and Jim Taylor along with Curry's son John.


Anyone who uses a short but thick tape roll at the end of their stick will immediately love the Tight Butt product and that's what first cought our eye at their booth. We'll explain the Power Stick product, but first we'll just start by saying we love the Tight Butt as a stand-alone product.

You just stick the TB in the shaft end, give it a few twists and it's good to go. The TB is the best lacrosse "butt product" yet and after a few serious rips at the snow covered goal out back, it proved very superior to its pedecessor which is now in the trashcan. It's made of a very stiff and strong rubber and doesn't come off in your hand even on the hardest shots without the use of tape.

The TB costs 10 bucks while most of the others are free with a stick. But we like the Tight Butt end cap enough to pay for it as a stand-alone product, but if you buy the Power Stick set, which we'll review next, you'll get a Tight Butt to keep the heavy rods inside the shaft during a workout and you can just use it during games too without the Power Stick. If you want them for multiple sticks, they are sold separately, as well.

You've probably read the tips about filling your shaft with sand or coins to make it heavy for training. And maybe you've thought, while working out with weights or on a gym, that you wished a routine could be done at the exact angle as a lacrosse motion to specify the workout to your game. The Power Stick is a pretty good alternative to the coins or sand and the answer for any player who wants to really take his or her workout on the road or field. The idea behind sport-speed resistance is that you add resistance the the motions you naturally do in the game at the speed that you would be doing them. Makes sense to us. So we tested for quality and it passed well. Here's how it works.

The TB unscrews as easily as it screws on, so the whole Power Stick system is easy to use. You have to cut a piece of plastic so you'll need a saw or a sharp steak knife. Measure the pieces as shown on the instructions and mark where to cut.

Cut either the one pound extender or the light extender to size. Put in the black plastic end cap. Two are provided with the kit.

Drop the completed extender into the open shaft followed by the solid power stick piece and screw the TB back on tightly.

If you use the one pound solid bar and the light extender, you can put the weight low or high on the shaft for different excercises. If you use the one pound solid bar and one pound extender you'll have a two pound addition to the stickweight that is very balanced and great for any on-field workout or even just a run with the stick. Take a ball and cradle with two hands and each hand as you would in a game and you'll feel the extra burn. There are more excercise instructions with the kit.

NEVER check another person with your stick when using the Power Stick. The bright idea of using one in a game could land you off the team for good and even in jail. The Power Stick is for training only. Be sure that the head is screwed on tightly before use, as well.

Another cool feature of the Tight Butt is the removable medalion on the bottom that can be customized any way you like. We popped it out with a butterknife and replaced it with an FCA sticker and a Shamrock sticker on the flip side, but it could be your team logo or anything you like. The Power Stick, which includes one Tight Butt end cap sells for 35 bucks and a defensive extender is 6 more. A D-kit and a version for the ladies will be available soon. The prouct is currently available at GBLax, Lacrosse Unlimited, MadLax and, of course, E-Lacrosse.

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