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Stick Tech Workshop - ReADeR TIPS!


By Van O'Banion & Dustin Dohm of Stylin' Strings

Taking care of your stick and maintaining it helps to make you a better player, even if it's just putting in new shooting strings or adjusting the ones you have. Shooting strings have a tendency to become untied or loose. This is a major cause in most throwing problems and they are so easy to adjust or install. We are going to give you a step by step guide on how to lace a shooting string. Remember, shooters should be about a thumb space apart vertically. This gives the ball a small space to touch the pocket, so you can feel the ball groove against each shooter. Having your shooters correct is key in having your pocket release the way that you want, with control and accuracy. In regards to tightness, we suggest that the top string should be the tightest of all, but not choked. The next string down should be gradually less tight, and so on. The bottom string should be the loosest of all shooting strings. This should give you a balanced feel. The more shooters you have the less whip you will have in your pocket.

Step by step guide to running a shooting string.

1. There is a difference on putting in a shooting string on a mesh and traditional pocket. Be careful and take your time. Start off by folding the lace in half.

2. Send one half of the lace through the top hole in the left or right side of the head. For a better picture of just the top hole look at pic. # 6. Make sure both halves are even.

3. Take the half that you put through the hole and take it horizontally across the outside of all other strings, don't lace it through. Put it through the opposite hole on the other side of the head. Make sure you leave excess on the side you started so you can tie it off later. Take the half that is left over ( not the excess ) and start wrapping it around the lace that runs horizontally across the outside of the pocket from top to bottom with some tension. Make sure the lace doesn't get twisted.

4. Follow this wrap around motion making sure the lace has no slack after each time around.

5. Wrapping around the mesh or monster mesh should not create a problem. All you do is take the lace through the holes of two rows from top to bottom in mesh, and as pictured in monster mesh. Make sure that if it is one of our pockets that doesn't have mesh you don't interfere with any of the vertical strings. The concept of running the shooter is still the same.

6. Continue wrapping until you get to the other side of the pocket. Then take the rest of the lace and pull it through the top hole in the head.

7. Tie off the lace with a double knot, making sure you pull it to the tightness that you want.

8. Yer done! We told you shooting strings were easy.

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