This custom helmet was designed by Mike Barile of Painted Armor, Inc. in Plainview, New York. The design is a "bio-mechanical" style. All materials used were automotive-grade quality.

To begin the process, the facemask and inner padding are removed in order for the helmet to be prepped. The helmet must be sanded down so that the paint adheres to the plastic surface. Next, Mike laid down two coats of silver primer followed by a base-coat of 'vapor silver'.

After allowing time for each coat to dry, Mike sketched out the graphics and basic outline with a technical pencil.

The majority of the design laid down was detailed in free hand, with only very small areas requiring masking with tape in order to avoid getting paint there.

Once painting is finished, the helmet gets 3 layers of automotive-grade clear-coat to protect the surface and give the helmet shine.

Mike can be reached at

June 2008


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