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Stick Tech Workshop - ReADeR TIPS!

We argued for hours and had ten finalists that all received 1st place votes. Only 3 were to get prizes but once we narrowed the field to 6 I declared that I would double the prizes even if I had to pay for it myself as the STX offices are now closed for the day. So you will see TWO 1st place winners, TWO second place winners, TWO third place winners and lots of Honorable Mention winners. But the ten on the winners page got at least one first place vote in the first voting round.

The annual E-Lacrosse Dye-Off gives kids of all ages a chance to show off their stick dying skills and even win great STX prizes. Each year we receive more entries and this year, frankly, we were inundated by the numbers. There were over 160 entries, most with many pictures and great descriptions and instructions. We are more than impressed. And we think you will be too. Below are the top 53 entries in random order. We had to make a cutoff somewhere. There are just a few heads in this group that might not have met the quality cut for the top 50 but originality or creativity got them through. Again, the entry numbers are randomly assigned. The dye jobs have now been judged. We chose a first, second and third place winner and 10 honorable mentions. The top three will be awarded STX stick packages appropriately. The best for the best. Our honorable mention winners will get a Rage on the Cage DVD of their choice. If you want to see the winners without looking over the field first click here at any time. Here we go!

ENTRY #1    Submitted by Ben

Here are some pics of a head I strung and dyed. It is a Gait Torque strung up with a Chemo-esque pocket (Of course I got the tutorial from E-Lacrosse). I replaced the twists between the inner and outer leathers with coils because they look neater. I also dyed the head.

ENTRY #2 the green checkered machine    Submitted by Kevin

I decided to dye my Brine pulse with a half checkered/half stickers dye for summer. I have seen some great dyes on E-lacrosse and other sites involving checkers and I wanted to try it. The concept of the dye is that the areas where there are tape, checkers, stickers or glue will stay white while the uncovered parts will be green. First I had to go get the ok from mom to dye in her kitchen. It took me about 3 hours to apply all the stickers and about 20 minutes for the hot glue on the outside. then I got my kelly green dye going in my dye pan. While the dye was boiling, i used a hair dryer to heat the stickers and checkers to make sure they would not let dye under. After the I put the head in the dye for about ten minutes I threw it in the freezer so the dye would bond to the plastic. After a good hour of peeling off the glue and stickers I had a great dye that my friends thought looked pretty cool. GO LAKERS!!!

ENTRY #3 The DRAGON    Submitted by Ryan

I play for the U-15 Delaware Dragons Lacrosse club. I'm submitting my lacrosse head that I dyed to match my teams uniforms. My parents encouraged me and gave me permission to send in the photos of my dyed head. Here's how I dyed my head.

1. First, I got together all of my supplies that i needed to dye my head including:
-Rit dye
-Letter stickers
-Electrical tape
-Razor blade

2. Next, I placed the stickers and the tape that I cut on the head in the order that i wanted.

3. Then, I used a hair dryer to heat up the stickers so that they would stick on better and not fall off while dyeing it.

4. Then, I dyed half of the head gold and the other half black.

5. Finally, I pealed of the stickers and letters with the razor blade carefully.

ENTRY #4    Submitted by Conor

I am sending these pics to enter the dye contest for e-lacrosse. My friend Collin and I dyed this head using tape and hot glue. We were inspired by the dying tutorial on e-lacrosse that used tape. We didn't have a reason for the colors other than they looked good together. We thought it came out pretty good. Hope you like it.

ENTRY #5 Kwassa Kwassa    Submitted by Jeremy

All of the designs on the head were done with electric tape and a razor blade. I cut out the tape on an old kitchen tile. On the inside of the sidewalls I taped everything and filled in the gaps with hot glue. After I had everything the way I wanted it on the head I used a grill lighter to set all of the glue on the plastic so it didnt come off during dying. Once everything was ready I started by dying the top half sunshine orange and the bottom half a mixture of denim and royal blue. Next I took the stickers off of the areas I wanted to dye new colors on to. I did golden yellow over the orange and evening blue over the denim/royal blue. After this I removed all of the stickers and the glue from the sidewalls. Once I was done I threw it in the freezer for about a half hour. It turned out just how I wanted it - very bold and awesome.

ENTRY #6 Midnight Sun    Submitted by Jake

I decided to die my head in two halfs. The top half is supposed to be like a sunrise in the night. I started dyeing with the bottom half of the head and layed down my electrical tape and hot glue. Then, I dyed the yellow and layed down my next layer of hot glue. Next, I dyed the orange color so that it would fade with the yellow. Then I layed down the final layer of hot glue and dyed scarlet to fade with the orange and yellow.

My next step was to dye the top half of the head. On the top, I made sort of a nature scene to go along with the rising blue sun. I also put some cool designs on the sidewalls. To do this, i used hot glue and electrical tape but i also used the Pam spray a tiny bit. The Pam helped create a sky sort of look but i only used a tiny bit. I used evening blue and navy blue on the top half of the head.

ENTRY #7 & 8    Submitted by Sean

I really would like to thank E-Lacrosse for giving me insight on how to make these two heads possible. I performed my first dyes last night and think that they both turned out really well. First is the very dark navy blue revo 2.0 with yellow leopard print, each spot was cut individually and took me around 40 minutes to cut all of them. Second is my navy/yellow stripe xcalibur, which was much easier to cut the tape for as you may have guessed. Again, thanks E-Lacrosse for teaching me how to make my stick awesome. (Sean thanked us twice, which ensures greater consideration)

ENTRY #9    Submitted by Robert

Check out my head that I dyed. It represents the Italian Flag. I hope you like it and can put it on the E-lacrosse site.

ENTRY #10    Submitted by Jordan

Hey, I love your website. This head right here is my Bob Marley Tribute Head. I have dyed it rasta colors and put Van O'Banion's 'Tha' Homegrown' pocket in it. This is the first head I've have ever dyed and the first time I've tried that pocket.

August 2008

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