ENTRY #11 The Green Monster    Submitted by Bryce

I'm entering this head on behalf of my little brother Steven. He's turning 9 years old on June 7th and has just picked up lacrosse this year. He's playing with one of those entry level heads now - I know you know what I'm talking about, it's about as wide as a doorway and he can barely feel the ball in the pocket. Anyway, I think this slightly customized upgrade (warrior evo pro) makes a good birthday present.

I used a TON of duct tape for this one, dark green rit dye, an x-acto knife, a lighter, and a disposable cooking pan. Steven's team wears dark green and white, so I decided on green as the base color. After looking at the design of the evo pro, I came up with the two-tone concept. The lines on the head make this work very well. I taped up the outer face of the sidewall, the inner face of the sidewall, and the top of the head up around the scoop. I extended the strips of tape under the scoop which makes for a cool vanishing effect from the side view. I made sure to leave the lines stemming from the base of the head untaped - those are the areas that would be dyed the darker shade of green. Also, if you look closely, the inner outlines of the sidewalls are dyed the darker shade as well - this makes for a pretty cool shawdow-like look.

Laying the tape on this one was the most time consuming part, many of the lines on this head are intricate and it required many long strips to be laid that were only about 1/8 inch thick. Once it was all taped up, I printed out some letters letters to spell our last name on the inner sidewall (Walker) and Steven's team name on the scoop (Bulldogs). Next, the most difficult part, using the x-acto knife to carefully cut away the tape using the letter stencils as a guide. I know most people usually just buy the stick on letters, but that wouldn't have really worked for me here, so I gave it a shot on my own. Once the names were cut out, I heated up the tape using a lighter to make sure that all of the adhesive had bonded properly to the plastic to ensure the dye wouldn't end up anywhere it was not intended.

Next I boiled the water, mixed the dye, and dunked the head for 10 minutes or so. This produced a nice dark green on the untaped areas. I then cooled it down under cold tap water, peeled the tape off, then repeated the dying process. I checked the head about once a minute to ensure that I was getting the second tone of green just right. Once I had the two-tone effect I was looking for, I pulled it out and cooled it down under the tap again. I also threw a few shooting laces into the dye as well. I strung it up standard soft mesh, and then added the green shooting laces for a cool effect. Now that the mesh has been added, the head is green and white to match Steven's team colors. The two-tone looks cool, and I particularly like the subtlety of the names on the head. Since there's no white showing anymore, this thing is still gonna look good 2 years from now after he has really given it a beating. Steven calls this one the green monster.

ENTRY #12 The Rastafarian Midnight Splatter    Submitted by Daniel

I put this on the rastabeat for a tight themed stick.

How I Did It:
1.) dyed bottom third green
2.) dyed middle and top thirds gold
3.) dyed top third red
4.) hot glued head
5.) dyed black
6.) peeled off glue
7.) Fin

ENTRIES #13 & 14 Dad's Learning Fast    Submitted by John

The blue white and black head was my second dye job. I attempted to keep the sidewall openings white by filling them with hot glue but experienced dye bleed through. I was curious as to what techniques others have used to accomplish the same with better success. The Head is obviously an STX Eclipse, and is my daughters stick for Middle school lacrosse, Rancho Bernardo Broncos, San Diego California. I had applied heavy electrical tape on the head then used an exacto knife to cut out the Bronco symbols. This left cuts in the head, so I have since taken to cutting out the symbols on a separate piece of plastic and peeling it off to transfer the final product onto the head.

The second head was my son's youth lacrosse STX Guardian head. He specifically asked for a sundowners symbol, which again was formed with heavy tape. I covered the inside head with wide tape, trimmed it to form, then peeled it off and applied it to a heavy piece of plastic cutting board for slicing the sun's rays. Had I known the Orange was going to be so dark, I probably would have stuck with Golden Yellow for the Sun's rays in addition to the sun itself. There was more combining of colors than I had figured on, but, with the liberal use of the glue gun, it had come out nice. My 11 year old son can't leave well enough alone, so his less-than-perfect handiwork is evident in the restrung "V" shooting lace.

I'm in the process of designing my latest project, a Warrior Nemesis head.

ENTRY #15    Submitted by Kenny

I got this idea from a cool head that had checkers and I wanted to do something like it but I also wanted to make it way better in my own way. I started off with cutting small pieces of electrical tape and putting them on the head and a chain shaped design and I did this on several parts of the head. Then I dyed HALF of it tangerine orange and the OTHER HALF in pearl grey. I cut more diamonds and add them in deffirent designs on both sides of the head. After that I dyed the top part of the head black and the bottom part black also. When I did this I left about 2 inches from the black to the middle of the head on both ends so that it still had a bar of grey and a bar of orange.

ENTRY #16 AMAZING GRACE    Submitted by Tony

1. RIT dye-blue and red
2. hot glue
3.Stickers- star and letters
4.Plain white head-i used a vapor
5. mesh kit

First i put down the stickers on the top half. I put all different sizes of stars and USA. i folded some stars over the tip of the head. i dipped it in blue and let it sit. when i pulled off the stickers there was some dye that got under the stickers.Next I put down a few stars on the throat of the stick and some hot glue for the stripes.I dipped it in scarlet and let it sit till i got the color i wanted. I strung it with 6 diamond and with red white and blue shooting strings

ENTRY #17 Tribal    Submitted by Matthew

First I put triangular stickers alternating pointing up and down starting from the top center out across the top but leaving enough room so that more shapes could go between them after the color of dye. Then I dyed half of it dark green at an angle. Then I put rhombus like shapes between the triangles. After that I dyed the top part of the head black at the same angle as the green dye. Then lastly I took off the stickers.

ENTRY #18    Submitted by Erik

I dont really have a name for this dye job, i just go with the sickest dye you have ever seen. Its a Brine Prophecy that I drilled extra holes to string it and I cut off the blue "fingers" I then dyed it three different colors in a fade like pattern( first pic) Then I hot glued the already dyed head in a straight line pattern. Then I did a coat of straight black. I then peeled off all of the glue and strung it. I dont have pictures of the head in the before stage because I had done this before the contest. I hope that doesnt matter much. This dye took about 5 hours to complete, so it was pretty intensive.

ENTRY #19    Submitted by Vinny

I just started to dye the heads I have after looking at your dye sections for a long time. Recently, I saw one head that had straight random lines and couldn't figure out how it was done until I went to an auto store and saw auto pin-striping tape. This tape is like electrical tape but a little stiffer. It comes in a variety of thickness from narrow to wide. This is the most recent dye job I did using the tape. The head is dyed my college team colors which is yellow and dark green. I first taped up the top of the head and put my number on and dyed it all yellow. After the yellow was done I simply taped the bottom part (and cut the tape even thinner to try to cover the Brine symbol but some dye got under it and turned part of it green) and dyed it green.

TIP: When I dye my heads I do what the site says and bring the water to a boil. I then pour the water into the aluminum tin and mix the dye. But I also like to add a cup of salt half to the water when its boiling and another half when I add the dye. This is what it says to do on the package when dying clothes. I think it helps the color take better. I also put the aluminum tin on the stove top and put the burners on low when the head is in the dyed water to keep the water hot.

ENTRIES #20 & 21    Submitted by Nick

Here are two stick heads for submission. They are both Brine heads. The red is a Matrix. The other black and turquoise one is an E3.

August 2008


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