ENTRY #31    Submitted by Max

ENTRIES #32 & 33    Submitted by Nate

I am 13 years old and I call this dye job Over the Rainbow. Here are a few pictures of the finished product. This dye was very complicated and took many steps. I will walk you through the steps so that you can try it too.

1. First, I taped the inside of the sidewalls with duct tape. Then, I taped the throat with scotch masking tape. Here's what it looked like...

2. Then, I glued speckles all around the head and sealed the tape.

3. Then I dyed the top of the head purple in one corner, blue in the other, and dyed the bottom yellow below the purple, and orange below the blue.

4. This is the tricky part- then you have to peel off all of the glue and lay down another glue coat on everywhere that is already dyed. Make sure you re-layer the tape!!!

5. Then I dyed the purple side orange, the blue side yellow, the yellow side purple, and the orange side blue. 6. Now you have to peel off all that glue and tape! Freezing it for 30 minutes helps alot. Also, using a fork or knife to get under the glue helps peel it. Then you die the sidewalls yellow and/or orange and your done!

On the second head I dyed the head an orange to yellow fade. Then I dyed the head black, and put a richer orange color in the middle, and peeled the glue. That's it.

ENTRIES #33, 34 & 35    Submitted by Aaron

My first entry is a razer that I dyed Irish flag colors.

My second entry is a vapor dyed evening blue, and I did nothing to get the little dots they just appeared there.

My third entry is a clutch that I dyed golden yellow, the reason that I am entering this one is because you don't see to many yellow dyes now-a-days.

ENTRIES #36, 37, 38 & 39    Submitted by Branden

A lot of my friends are also aware of the competition and are letting me dye their heads. In these entries, I will mention the name of the owner of the head. I would quickly like to thank all my friends and teammates for trusting me to dye their heads and giving me great ideas for how to plan out the appearance of the stick.

First off, before we get to the sticks, I would love to say how much I love your website. It has taught me everything I know about stringing and dyeing a lacrosse head. I've read every reader tip and love them.

Lacrosse head #1 - The swimmer

1st I glued of random white spots. It is pretty hard to see the glue on the stick so you must look hard in this picture.

2nd I glued off the parts I wanted to keep yellow and kept glue on the places I wanted the white to stay.

3rd I took the head out. Here is the picture I took before peeling the glue. I also glued a yellow ball and threw it in there for fun; notice it next to the stick.

4th My mom and I peeled off the glue and had the stick completely died.

5th I then attempted to string the stick but I've never strung a torque before so the sidewalls threw me off. I then brought it into school and had my friend, Alex, string it for me.

Lacrosse head #2 - Chrome

This is my friend Matt's old rocket head.

1st I Made some white patterns on the stick using glue.

2nd I dyed it orange and kept it white where the white glue was.

3rd I glued off the places I wanted to remain orange and kept the white glue on. I then died it green but it didn't turn out the way I expected. Instead of turning into a dark, Syracuse green, it combined with the orange and makes a golden brown. Thankfully my friend liked it.

4th I peeled to glue to reveal the final product.

Lacrosse head #3 - The Luck of the Irish

This is my friend Alex's Torque.

1st off, I glued a small part at the bottom to keep it white when I died the bottom part orange.

2nd I dipped the bottom half in the orange dye.

3rd I made some cool designs on top before dying it green. I then dyed it green. This is a picture before I peeled it. This was also my first fade.

4th I peeled the glue, This is the final project. I also threw another ball in for fun =)

Lacrosse head #4 - Rush

This is my bother Brett's Brine Motive (I think)

I could not think of anything special for my brother or something specific like a fade. So I decided to make a random pattern on the scoop and do random lines elsewhere. Here's the glue for the top.

Next I died the stick yellow with the glue still on.

I then finished the glue up to even out the head.

Next I died with maroon with all the glue on.

When I was done peeling the glue, This was born.

I would like to wish my brother luck in his first season of lacrosse and hope he does well.

ENTRY #40 ROCKIE    Submitted by Frankie

Hello E-Lacrosse. I want to thank you for having a great website that taught me everything I know about stringing and dying lacrosse heads. I am 14 years old and have been dying and stringing heads for myself and friends for the last 2 years. I call this ROCKIE. It is a deep fire orange with an opposite striped blackish/navy blue stripe on each side. First I dyed the head the deep fire orange with rite dye. That's the dye I always use and turns out great every time. Then I used duck tape to make the opposite stripes and cut each to the same size. After that I put hot glue with a hot glue gun on all the ends, where the tape meets the head to make sure no dye would go under the tape. I dyed it a dark navy/black and that's how it turned out.

Frankie used the cups of water you see in the dye pan to raise the level of the dye, instead of adding water to the dye and diluting it further.

August 2008


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