ENTRY #41    Submitted by Parker

I wanted to do a stick for my summer team, twist. First I did a Tornado in the middle, some stars, the middle letters (inside

I then dyed the head purple. I wiped off all the extra dye, then added another tornado to the back of the scoop, finished the letters on the inside sidewall, and added more glue to the outside sidewall to make the 2 color splatter affect.

I then dyed the head black, and peeled off all the stickers and glue. I think it turned out pretty good, I just wish the white tornado hadn't had the dye seep through, but it gives a nice tie-dye affect. Here's the finished product, I call it the twisted:

ENTRY #42    Submitted by Nijol

This is the second head I have ever dyed. I dont really have a name for it. First I cleaned off my Brine e3 and drizzled it with hot glue. Then i used teal rit dye to dye the head teal. After that I drizzled more hot glue on it and then used a box of black rit dye to dye it black. After I put it in the freezer for an hour I picked off all of the the hot glue and then strung it. This is what it came out like.

ENTRIES #43 & 44    Submitted by Kerry

The first purple head was on my little brother's gait head. I got bored and put some hot glue on it. At first I tried dyeing it dark green but came out army green. Then I added purple and black for a kinda halloween look. The next one I did the dots with wax. All the dye I did was with rit dye too. The yellow one is a brine answer.

ENTRY #45 Fadeaway    Submitted by Chris

I did this dye by first loading up my Razer Pro 2.0 with hot glue. Then I dipped the top left corner in carolina blue RIT dye. I left it in there for a few minutes, then took it out, washed the excess dye off in the sink, and put it in the fridge for a half hour. I then put the top right corner of the head in sunshine yellow dye for a couple minutes, then took it out and did the same thing I did with the blue dye. Last, I put the bottom part of the head in scarlet dye for 3 or 4 minutes and then did the same thing I did for the two other parts. The three colors blended together where they met on the head. Then I put it in the freezer for 40 minutes so the glue would be brittle. Then I ripped all the glue off over the next couple days.

ENTRY #46 THE CAMO    Submitted by Jordon

I dyed this head with 3 different colors of Rit dye; Kelly Green, Dark Green, and Golden Yellow. First I covered the head in hot glue, then I dipped it in the dark green. After that, I peeled half of the hot glue off the head, and then I dipped it in the kelly green. Next, I took the rest of the glue off which was a little harder than I thought. Then I dipped it in the golden yellow. I also dyed the mesh. I wanted it to be undercover. I call this design THE CAMO!

ENTRY #46 DO WORK    Submitted by Robert

I live in Alabama. I named this DO WORK. I got this from the chant that we yell before all of our games. I think it is short, simple, and to the point. It reminds us during play of our main purpose, to work means to win! I also used a design of regular lines turning into squiggles. I did this to show revolution and change. I did this because it made me think of how much the game has changed and how great it is now. I used electrical tape, hot glue, and RIT dye. My team is the Spartans and out team colors are green and gold. The head I dyed is a STX AV8. My dad helped me make the dye and use the glue for the design and he loved doing this with me.

ENTRY #47 Lava Lamp    Submitted by Eddie

This head was supposed to look like fire, but didn't turn out that way. Instead it looks like a lava lamp which happens to be the name.

The steps to making this are pretty simple.

1. put a little glue on the bottom of the head near the screw
2. dye it yellow
3. dip the front half in orange, while slowly lifting it up to blend the colors
4. put glue all over it, I mean everywhere
5. Dye it scarlet, which actually turns into dark orange when applied to yellow

That's it!

ENTRY #48 Venom    Submitted by Kevin

Hello everyone at E-Lacrosse. Here is my entry for the 2008 E-Lacrosse Dye Contest. I call it Venom and I dyed it red and dark green to simulate a snake. Here are the exact steps on how I dyed this head.

1. Cut and apply nylon tape to the head to form your custom print (optional)
2. Dye Red
3. Hot glue on the sidewalls and up and down the head to keep them red
4. Dye dark green
5. Peel of glue and tape
6. Voila! Your very own Venom!

ENTRY #49 Rasta Night    Submitted by Sebastian

I cleaned this Warrior Warpath by washing under warm water to prep for the dying process. I prepared a heavy golden yellow and dyed the whole head. I took the head out, and dried and rinsed under cold water, and let it cool for the next step. Then I prepared the red dye and dipped the top in about 1/3, and then dried and rinsed under cold water. Then I prepared a green dye and dunked the bottom part about 1/3 the way in also. After rinsing it under cold water and letting it cool I drizzled hot glue EVERYWHERE, using about 4 sticks of hot glue. After letting the glue harden I dipped the whole thing in black. Then dried cooled and removed the glue. This is my first dye and am new the sport, but I though it came out good.

ENTRY #50 The Tidal Wave    Submitted by Andrew

As this is my first experiment with lacrosse dyeing I used an inexpensive head. I picked the STX av8 for the project. When I began, the stick looked like this.

ENTRY #51 Recon Ripper    Submitted by Adam

I wanted to bring my Brine Ripper back to life. I replaced the blue hard mesh with an old white soft mesh. I hot glued various shapes on the head. Mixed hot tap water and boiled water (half and half) with light green powder RIT die. Peeled off the glue and repeated the process (glue, hot/boiled water), and used light brown die. Peeled off the glue and repeated the process (glue, hot/boiled water), and used dark brown die. Peeled off the glue and repeated the process (glue, hot/boiled water), and used dark green die. The mesh went from white to almost a greenish/gray finish.

1 old white mesh - $0
4 boxes of RIT die - $6.48
6 sticks of hot glue - $1.62
Custom Recon Ripper - PRICELESS!!!

ENTRY #52 Birth by Fire    Submitted by Jeremy

I bought the head from a friend. I cleaned it up and pinched it pretty good, though that was dumb since it became un-pinched in the hot dye.

I first started with a good solid base dye of yellow. As a general rule, I use two packets of whatever color I am trying to get. One packet just tends to be too watered down and faded looking (at least with the pots and pans I have to work with which force me to add more water than I would otherwise).

Using the same original mixture of yellow dye, I slowly added tangerine/orange dye into the mix until all two packets of that orange color were in the dye. As I added the dye, I was slowly moving the head farther out of the dye. I did this in order to achieve this ridiculously smooth fade from yellow to orange. I faded two packets of crimson into that remaining orange dye at the very bottom of the head to have a three color fade, yellow-orange-redů

So this next stage easily took the longest amount of time. Hot glue is good for just blocking out massive areas of the head, but it is next to worthless (at least I haven't figured out how to use it effectively) when it comes to creating nice hard/clean edges of color on the plastic. As such, I had to cut small strips of electrical tape and use those as the edges. Cutting all of those tiny strips of electrical tape exactly the right shape was definitely one of the more frustrating and mind-numbingly boring portions of this whole project. Then, in between those borders formed by the tape, I just dumped several sticks of hot glue, to ensure an adequate seal and coverage. This process took about three afternoons after school just because it was such little pieces of tape, so many times.

Tip: if you are cutting designs into electrical tape, spread it out on a sheet of glass, windows work also. In my experience, you don't ever press hard enough into the glass to actually cut or scratch it (I use exacto knives). The glass won't take the "sticky" off the tape and its way easier and smarter than just cutting the design off of the tape after you put it on the head which just results in it cutting into the plastic of the headů looks bad and doesn't work as well.

After I had all the lines I wanted sealed up with glue and tape, I dipped the whole thing into a whitener/lightener solution. This is simply because I didn't want the dark yellow mixing with what would later be purple at the top and turning into a hideous brown or something equally repulsive.

Finally, I dyed close to the whole head a deep red, except for a couple inches at the very top of the scoop. From there, all it took was the gradual introduction of two packs of purple dye into the mixture to achieve the perfect fade from the wine-red/purple to red. These three pictures were taken immediately after the hot glue and tape were taken off the head.

I am extremely happy with how well the head turned out. It looks nearly identical to the original concept drawing. I am especially happy with how clean my number across the top of the scoop came out. I think that the main thing that separates this dye job from the rest of the dye jobs is that this one actually uses the design and structure of the head to add to the overall effect of the dye job. It's not busy with splattered hot glue, but it is clean and looks great.

ENTRY #53    Submitted by Owen

August 2008


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