We argued for hours and had ten finalists that all received 1st place votes. All will appear on this page even if they won honorable mention awards. Only 3 were to get prizes but once we narrowed the field to 6 I declared that I would double the prizes even if I had to pay for it myself as the STX offices are now closed for the day. So you will see TWO 1st place winners, TWO second place winners, TWO third place winners and lots of Honorable Mention winners. But the ten at the top of this page got at least one first place vote in the first voting round. Congratulations to all. A note to those who did not win. There were 167 entries. Only 53 made the cut for publishing but many of those that did not were great dyes. Some had terrible pictures or 1 inch tall pictures. Some just weren't that good but showed great promise. Dying well is hard! Every one of the 53 dyes we feature on E-Lacrosse are tight and those stringers should be very proud of themselves. We can see which of you will challenge next time. We can tell. To the winners: This year was ill. You are the new gods! All bow to the 2008 Stringing Gods! Winners will be contacted next week.

ENTRY #30 Bartholomew    Submitted by Isaac

I dyed "Bartholomew" to achieve an effect that used principles similar to the confetti method, but looked less "confetti-like". Using the techniques outlined in the Tape Dye Experiment posted on your website in August of 2007, I was able to create something I am extremely happy with. First, I covered the stick in squares of duct tape in varying sizes. After dying it pink, I took the squares off and slapped on more squares that were offset from the originals, and slightly larger in size. The final step was to dye it black, and 7 hours later, I was finished! Taking the original squares off before applying more duct tape helped it look less like a series of boxes. I strung it with pink mesh (was dyed at the same time as the head to ensure a good match) and black strings to compliment the colors of the head. Hope you like it!

ENTRY #5 Kwassa Kwassa    Submitted by Jeremy

All of the designs on the head were done with electric tape and a razor blade. I cut out the tape on an old kitchen tile. On the inside of the sidewalls I taped everything and filled in the gaps with hot glue. After I had everything the way I wanted it on the head I used a grill lighter to set all of the glue on the plastic so it didnt come off during dying. Once everything was ready I started by dying the top half sunshine orange and the bottom half a mixture of denim and royal blue. Next I took the stickers off of the areas I wanted to dye new colors on to. I did golden yellow over the orange and evening blue over the denim/royal blue. After this I removed all of the stickers and the glue from the sidewalls. Once I was done I threw it in the freezer for about a half hour. It turned out just how I wanted it - very bold and awesome.

ENTRY #6 Midnight Sun    Submitted by Jake

I decided to die my head in two halfs. The top half is supposed to be like a sunrise in the night. I started dyeing with the bottom half of the head and layed down my electrical tape and hot glue. Then, I dyed the yellow and layed down my next layer of hot glue. Next, I dyed the orange color so that it would fade with the yellow. Then I layed down the final layer of hot glue and dyed scarlet to fade with the orange and yellow.

My next step was to dye the top half of the head. On the top, I made sort of a nature scene to go along with the rising blue sun. I also put some cool designs on the sidewalls. To do this, i used hot glue and electrical tape but i also used the Pam spray a tiny bit. The Pam helped create a sky sort of look but i only used a tiny bit. I used evening blue and navy blue on the top half of the head.

ENTRY #49 Rasta Night    Submitted by Sebastian

I cleaned this Warrior Warpath by washing under warm water to prep for the dying process. I prepared a heavy golden yellow and dyed the whole head. I took the head out, and dried and rinsed under cold water, and let it cool for the next step. Then I prepared the red dye and dipped the top in about 1/3, and then dried and rinsed under cold water. Then I prepared a green dye and dunked the bottom part about 1/3 the way in also. After rinsing it under cold water and letting it cool I drizzled hot glue EVERYWHERE, using about 4 sticks of hot glue. After letting the glue harden I dipped the whole thing in black. Then dried cooled and removed the glue. This is my first dye and am new the sport, but I though it came out good.

ENTRIES #43 & 44    Submitted by Kerry

The first purple head was on my little brother's gait head. I got bored and put some hot glue on it. At first I tried dyeing it dark green but came out army green. Then I added purple and black for a kinda halloween look. The next one I did the dots with wax. All the dye I did was with rit dye too. The yellow one is a brine answer.

ENTRY #51 Recon Ripper    Submitted by Adam

I wanted to bring my Brine Ripper back to life. I replaced the blue hard mesh with an old white soft mesh. I hot glued various shapes on the head. Mixed hot tap water and boiled water (half and half) with light green powder RIT die. Peeled off the glue and repeated the process (glue, hot/boiled water), and used light brown die. Peeled off the glue and repeated the process (glue, hot/boiled water), and used dark brown die. Peeled off the glue and repeated the process (glue, hot/boiled water), and used dark green die. The mesh went from white to almost a greenish/gray finish.

1 old white mesh - $0
4 boxes of RIT die - $6.48
6 sticks of hot glue - $1.62
Custom Recon Ripper - PRICELESS!!!

ENTRY #45 Fadeaway    Submitted by Chris

I did this dye by first loading up my Razer Pro 2.0 with hot glue. Then I dipped the top left corner in carolina blue RIT dye. I left it in there for a few minutes, then took it out, washed the excess dye off in the sink, and put it in the fridge for a half hour. I then put the top right corner of the head in sunshine yellow dye for a couple minutes, then took it out and did the same thing I did with the blue dye. Last, I put the bottom part of the head in scarlet dye for 3 or 4 minutes and then did the same thing I did for the two other parts. The three colors blended together where they met on the head. Then I put it in the freezer for 40 minutes so the glue would be brittle. Then I ripped all the glue off over the next couple days.

ENTRY #17 Tribal    Submitted by Matthew

First I put triangular stickers alternating pointing up and down starting from the top center out across the top but leaving enough room so that more shapes could go between them after the color of dye. Then I dyed half of it dark green at an angle. Then I put rhombus like shapes between the triangles. After that I dyed the top part of the head black at the same angle as the green dye. Then lastly I took off the stickers.

ENTRY #18    Submitted by Erik

I dont really have a name for this dye job, i just go with the sickest dye you have ever seen. Its a Brine Prophecy that I drilled extra holes to string it and I cut off the blue "fingers" I then dyed it three different colors in a fade like pattern( first pic) Then I hot glued the already dyed head in a straight line pattern. Then I did a coat of straight black. I then peeled off all of the glue and strung it. I dont have pictures of the head in the before stage because I had done this before the contest. I hope that doesnt matter much. This dye took about 5 hours to complete, so it was pretty intensive.

ENTRY #20    Submitted by Nick

Here are two stick heads for submission. They are both Brine heads. The red is a Matrix. The other black and turquoise one is an E3.


ENTRY #40 ROCKIE    Submitted by Frankie

Frankie used the cups of water you see in the dye pan to raise the level of the dye, instead of adding water to the dye and diluting it further.

ENTRY #52 Birth by Fire    Submitted by Jeremy

Jeremy had the best laid out plan and execution and the best presentation. His design was too hard for any human to pull off flawlessly, which is the common element of the top 6, but we admire his effort greatly and look forward to next year's dye!

August 2008


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