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We picked 10 reader tips for publication this month! And we're giving the authors e-Lacrosse Rage II DVDs! Winners contact us if we miss you. Some e-mails cannot be returned to the addresses given to us.

WARNING: Ovens, lighters, matches, knives, and other tools called for in this tips section can be dangerous when not properly used. If you intend on trying any of these tips at home, you must tell your parents exactly what your plans are before proceding. Improper use of some of the tools suggested can result in cutting, burning or staining yourself or your family's property. So ask FIRST, and be careful!

Pre-Taping     Submitted by Joe from Connecticut

I look at this site at least every other day and don't know much but this little trick works real well. Thanks for the great site. If you have a nice shaft and use a lot of tape like I do, you can keep it from staying sticky when you take the tape off to reposition or something. Just put scotch tape where you want your tape on the shaft first. Then put the hockey tape over the scotch tape. It peels off with out leaving any sticky crap behind.

Midwest Pocket    Submitted by Patrick

I named this the "Midwest Pocket". I'm a college lacrosse player, and high school coach from St. Louis (Go Lindenwood!) I recently strung a goalie stick and liked it. So, using the same techniques, I went to work on my E3 and Razor. I cut down ultra mesh to a 5-4-5-4 diamond pattern and reinforced the mesh with side wall string. I got a pocket that controls the ball like crazy, asorbs tons of shock from stick checks, and has the fastest shot out of any stick I've thrown with. It's a lot better design than the corner pocket, and easier to do because there are no leathers. It plays awesome in the nasty and rainy St. Louis springs and summers! Your site is awesome. It's about time a sweet pocket has come out of the midwest!

An angler's angle     Submitted by Jordan

I found that the easiest way to break in leathers is to let a big fishing weight sit in the pocket overnight. The next day you can loosen the leathers to the desired pocket and play with it. That night tighten up the leathers (not as much as before) and repeat. Gradually, a loose pocket will form.

Fishing weights are under 5 dollars at sporting goods (hunting and fishing) stores.

Jumping right in!     Submitted by Johnny

I just wanted to say thanks for the information and all the custom pockets that you guys put on this site. This site is awesome dude! I'm from California and my school just started a lacrosse club this year. I've watched a couple of games on TV but really don't know anything about the sticks and rules. This is my first time playing lacrosse and from the first game I've played that I can say this sport is sweet, and this site has helped me a lot dude. Here's some photos of my STX Bionic with an Mesh-X Pocket. This is the first custom pocket I've made and it wasn't difficult. The Mesh-X Pocket Rocks! Keep up the Great work.

The Telli-caster     Submitted by Andrew D.

The Great Discovery    Submitted by Justin from PA

I have a tip for players of all positions. I was experimenting with my stick to see how I could develop a quicker shot and quicker release and I have come to this - keep the pocket shallow. I mean shallow enough to see the ball above the lowest part of the frame. You're probably thinking, "What? Is this kid insane"? But it really does work because the ball exits the head at a straighter trajectory. Shots don't need to have a ton of power behind them to force the ball out of the head. I have noticed the shots are quicker and my stick skills are improved. I can't be lazy and let the ball just sit in my stick now. As a defender the clears are easier due to the lack of whip in the stick. I no longer worry about low clears. In the rain the pocket sag is greatly diminished. It is really simple to do and to those bold enough to try it, I think you'll see my reasoning.

Editor's Note: Justin has discovered the holy grail of lacrosse. Great players usually have shallow pockets or at least more shallow than the norm. A young player committed to a big sack-like pocket and the resulting lazy and adjusted fundamentals will never become a great player. Justin, find an old non-offset head and try that out. Shots and passes are even more true and just fly out of the stick. By today's standards, only a pretty good ball handler can use a non-offset head AND just like you noted with the more shallow pocket, use of the non-offset greatly improves one's skills very quickly.

ANY head can fit on ANY SHAFT!    Submitted by Brady from New Hampshire

I have a tip for fitting a head on a shaft of another brand. I couldn't fit my Warrior Revo on my Gait Triax shaft. Just boil some water and stick the throat end of the head in the water for like 30 seconds. While it is still hot, gently force the head onto the shaft. It works great and has a tight fit.

Editor's Note: Great use of science to solve a problem. The reader should note that the objective is to expand the plastic using heat. DO NOT melt it. Also try running very cold water for about 3 minutes over a shaft end to contract the shaft size slightly. This works with about half of the shafts we've tried.

Silicone Protection    Submitted by Kevin

I tried using silicone Spray (sold at shoe stores, hat stores, and walmart) to waterproof a stick. The stuff is meant for waterproofing fabrics, especially leather. It worked beautifully. IF you are going to try this in your stick, you should re-spray again before rainy days, but it is definately worth it. Use the instructions on the can, and spray it outside, cuz it's got an aerosol smell. It's not called silicone spray in stores. It's usually called shoe protector, or hat protector, or rain repellant, so just look for silicone somewhere on the label.

Soup's On!    Submitted by Ross

Have a really stiff new pocket? Don't have one of the fancy pocket-beater club things? Go into your kitchen and borrow your parents' soup ladle. The right sized ladle head works great for beating on hard mesh and getting your new pocket broken in quickly. As long as it is a metal ladle, no damage or bending should occur, so your parents won't get mad the next time you have soup!

The Grippinest!    Submitted by Tyler

Get that plastic wire mesh tape that is for gutters or dry wall. Slowly wrap it around your shaft were you want the grip. Then carefully tape completely over it with hockey tape and rub a little wax on it. You'll have a grip that is harder to let go of, but remember that your hand is not gonna be able to slide over it like normal tape jobs.

Thanks to all for participating. Keep sending your tips and we'll pick some more in a few months! Send them to john@tonabricks.com! Please include your name and a permanent e-mail address.

May, 2005

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