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I just want to say that E-Lacrosse.com is my favorite site. We don't get much lax over here in San Diego, CA. Your site is the primary way for lacrosse fans like me to keep up with the great sport. - fonz

Keep up the great work. I am always sending my players to E-Lacrosse to learn how to dye and string. - Spencer, 7-8th grade coach from Arlington, VA

I'm from Australia and I love E-Lacrosse. - Lewis, the only lax player in his town

I love E-Lacrosse! It has helped me a lot! Keep up the amazing work. - Chris

I love your site. I have learned all my stringing tricks and techniques from the sticktech section. - Harrison

Love your site. I go on every day! - Brendan from Princeton NJ

I think your sight is great!! - Jordan

This is the best site on the web. I even have it saved as my homepage! - Shaun

I think y'all have a great site and it's extremely helpful. Keith of McMinnville, Oregon

Love your site it's been a must see for me since I found it. - Ted from Baltimore

I live in England and I always read the articles on e-lacrosse with interest. Keep up the good work. Cheers! - Stephen

E-lacrosse, I think your website is great and I check it everyday for updates or new articles. - Dan, Whitby Ontario

I really like the stuff on E-Lacrosse and I love this site. - Justin

Huge props on the site. Keep up the awesome work! This keeps me busy through a boring day at the office, till I can get my lax fix afterhours. - Eli

I love your site. - George I love the stick tech page! I just started playing and all the pictures and advice has really helped my game. Keep it up! - Travis

Your sit rocks and I love reader tips. - Joe

I love the site! - Matt

Like your website, everyday I look at it. - John

E-lacrosse is the greatest stringing and lacrosse site we've ever been to. - All the guys at sudbury lacrosse

Great job with the site. Keep up the great work! - Bucky from C-Luv

Great website! - Steve

I have been a big fan of sticktech for many years now. I love stringing my own sticks and you guys give really good ideas. - John

I want to say that I love the website! - Matt

I really love your sight and I always have. - Kiel

I really love your website and can't wait to learn something new each month. Can't wait to read your articles! - Guy

I am a fan of your site and I have strung many of the pockets that you have suggested and am happy with all of them! - Pat

Great site! - Dave

Hey I jus gotta say the site is awesome. It's the best lax site out there. I've strung almost every pocket that y'all have instructions for. - Clay

I really love E-Lacrosse's reader sent in suggestions. - Ernie

I think I click on e-lacrosse about 100 times a day; I really cannot get enough of it. Keep up the good work E-lax!

I love your site, great job! - Tim

I've been on this site for ever and am still obsessed. - Kwame

You guys have BY FAR the best lacrosse site. Keep up the good work.

Your site is the bomb diggity - Chris

I can't beleive there is a site like this. I play football too and there is nothing for that much bigger sport that comes close to E-Lacrosse! -Darnell

Thank you for putting together such a superb web site. - Karen

My coach just prints your site and brings us everything from stick tech and articles. He swears by the information you have. We like the videos but were not allowed on the web enough to see them all. - Robin

E-Lacrosse is awesome! This is only my second year and with this site I know more about different things in lacrosse than people who have played for 4 years. - Eric

You guys rock. - Eric

I love the site! - Jeff

Just wanted to drop a note in appreciation of the inspiration and information I have obtained from your site. - Aaron

Your site is great. Its helped my game a lot. - John

Great Site! I get lots on info from it. - Kaplan

I just want to say how great this site is. I have learned so much just by reading everything I can on here, so thank you. - unsigned

Love the site!!!! It is a hit here in Canada even though it is mostly feild. - Ryan

Sick web site. - Nick

I love your site! - Kendall

Hey e-lax. what's up? You guys have a dope #&$ site and i love all the custom pockets you publish. - Paul

Your website has helped me a great deal, and that it is my favorite lax site. - unsigned

You have a very good site that is both informative and entertaining. - Will

Your site kicks. Keep up the good work! - Brian

Your site is sweet, and has taught me a few things. - Vlad

Keep up the awesome work! - Leslie

Love your site! And it has inspired me to string sticks, and I'm 12. - unsigned

You guys rock! - Brian

I think your website is great and so does my 9 year-old son, Patrick. We both think the stick tech section is awsome. - Dan

I love the site. Its got everything you could ever need for lax. -Jake

E-Lacrosse is the best site for lax anyday - Hallie

Hey I love your site! I have strung a few of your pockets and they are great. Thanks alot! - JS

I love your Q&A! - Ryan w

Just wanted to say - I LOVE THE GALLERY! - Lisa

Your site is amazing. I have learned to string from reading you're articles and now string most of the pockets for my friends. Ryan Kelly

I love E-lacrosse. Great website. - Tait

Very good site. Excellent. Keep up the good work. Mike Gonzales

Keep up the good work. There's a reason you guys are my home page! - Adam Burritt

Hey, I love your site. - steve

I love the site. - Brian Fitzpatrick

I really like your site. - Slick Saim ( Da Mime )

I'd just like to say you got a great site! - Slick

This is a great site. Easily the best lacroose page on the web. Thanks a lot. Rock on. - Andy Polefrone (but all my friends call me Vaughn)

E-Lacrosse rocks and has helped me a lot. Thanks alot for all of your help and keep up the great work on your site! - Ben

I want to say thanks to you guys. Thanks to you, I've successfully dyed my first head. - Derrick Cuffie

Thank you for the great stuff on Girl's Lax Guide. - Keith Olsen

Girls Lax Guide is a great addition to E-lax - Neil Solloway

Great site! - Adam Weitz

Thanks! I love your site. - Luke Weber, Elizabethtown, PA

Great on-line magazine. My kid loves it. - Chris

Thanks for your great site and keep up the great work. - Adam Culbertson

I'd like to say what a great site ya got goin there. It kicks ass. - Jonathan

I love e-lacrosse! - Chris

You have a great site. - John

I think your site is really cool! - Josh

I've been coming here a lot. I love it. - Tim

Great site! I have found all your insight helpful. - Cindy Kelly

Your info is great on lacrosse! There are very helpful tips, hints, and suggestions. - Tracey #31

I love lacrosse and your site is the best I have found. Reading your Lax-Tech page is very helpful. - Chris

Phat string jobs. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work! - JP

Yo, I would just like to say that your site rocks! I love how you give out advise and opinions on every Lax subject that is thrown your way! Thanx a bunch. - Justin P.

I love your pockets. E-Lax Rules! - Jordan

Keep your site going. I love it! - Steve Van Hall

I greatly enjoy your website and many of the features you have to offer. -Dpole

Playmaker is a great tool for drawing up a play book. - Ed Van Tine

Great job on the play maker. - Grant H.

I think the playmaker is great! - Terry

Your playmaker is a great idea! - Burt Minter, head coach, Peninsula Falcons junior lacrosse club, Victoria,B.C.Canada

Playmaker is AWESOME! Thanks for a terrific service! - Matt Connorton

Hey great playmaker! - Wahoo

Playmaker is great! My dad is a coach and I am making plays for him now! - Timmy D.

The Playmaker is a great coaching tool! - Tom C.

Playmaker is great! - Craig

Great idea! This is very helpful & free! I was going to purchase a similiar program for a big cost. Thanks again! - Steve DiGennaro, HS lacrosse coach

This is a great idea! Tremendous! It's about time someone designed a program for lacrosse players and coaches. - Patrick Williams

Thank you for the Playmaker resource! - Patty Keith

I love the playmaker. It's perfect. - Grillo

I was thrilled to see the Playmaker. This is a wonderful coaching tool! - Marty Delaney

The playmaker is excellent. Great idea! - Joe Zaffuto

Love this playmaker. Great idea! Now you need to get it to every coach out there. - Jack Sweeney

This is pretty cool. I was trying to find a way to make my playbook for the kids. I like it. Thanks for continuing the innovation. - Mike Clymer

I just wanted to thank you for your tips. They are really helping me. - Goode

I was jumping around to different lacrosse sites and happen to come across your pockets. I was blown away and complement you on your work! GOOD JOB! - Andy

As an avid lacrosse player/fan, I totally love E-lacrosse. I especially enjoy the video recaps of some great teams. - Corey Forbes

I really like your site! - Moo Moo

Just thought I'd let you know I'm lovin your new stick techs, the new pockets are sweet, and you give great instruction. Keep em' coming man. - Curt

Great site! Thanks for all your help from Australia! - Robert, Brighton Lax Club

Love the page! I've enjoyed reading the tips and ideas. - Lee Clerkson. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

The E-Lacrosse site is the best out there. Vaun, Calgary, Alberta - GO ROUGHNECKS!!!

Thanks a LOT! AND THANK YOU for having such an awesome stringing page! - Jim Hutson

You guys have a great website. It has the best information, and not a lot of ads and commercial crap. Great work! - Matthew Cooley, Vice President, Eastern Illinois University Lacrosse Club

I can't wait for another sticktech article to come out! They are great and you guys should have them more often. - Alex Spurrier from Plymouth, MN

I just want to tell you what a great job you are doing on the girl's lax guide and spreading the wonderful game of lacrosse. - Amy Hanson

This site is the best made. I think Sticktech is awsome. You keep us informed on what is going on in the lax world. - Big L

I want to say that stick tech is a super cool site. I've gotten lots of cool ideas from there, so thanks for that. - Kyle

I recently found your site and I enjoy it quite a bit. - Lee

Hey, I love the E-Lacrosse website. I use it all the time. - Dave

This website is the best for my lax needs and has informed me with all kinds of things I didn't know. - Lenny

Hey, I love the site, I check it nearly every day. - LaxGirl

I just have to say E-Lacrosse is the best. Ive been playing lacrosse for like 3 years in maine and its awsome. E-Lacrosse rules. - Andrew from Maine

I think that the article on breaking in sticks is a great idea. - Mike

Love yur classified section and stick tech - Liam

Thanks for adding the box section to the Playmaker. - Daren Fridge

You probably get a lot of this but nevertheless I need to start off by saying that your site is awesome. I check it out almost every day. - Andrew

Your site is the best and I always look at it to get ideas for die jobs and stringing well here is my question. - Rob Clark

I want to start by saying that you guys have produced a really great web page. The info that you have given me has helped me greatly. I have been spending a lot of time reading up on how to string your custom pockets. - Nick BHills, Michigan

First of all I would like to say how awesome your website is, if you can't find the answer that your looking for (which you most of the kind can) then you can just send it online, which is just awesome. - Gardner Bell

I really appreciate how you share your pockets on e-lacrosse Stick Tech. Your work is really progressive and has given me a lot of ideas and inspirations for pocket designs. keep up the good work. - mookie

Thanks for coming out with all of these new pockets I think it is reinventing the way that the game is played. I have the Mesh-X pocket and it is awesome. - Adam Kelly

Hey, I love the pockets in Stick Tech. They are awsome. - John

Your pockets are beautiful! Keep the great pockets coming. - Arthur Jones

I love the stringing jobs you come up with they are sweet! Keep 'em coming. - Ryan White

I really like your site I set it to be my homepage. David Orban

I love your site and visit it often. - Issac Shuman

I just wanted to drop you a line because I really love your site content. You have some of the greatest lacrosse content on the web.

I love reading your e-zine! - Tim


I just started playing last year as a freshman, and your site, especially the sticktech, has been a huge help!

I just want to say what an awesome site you guys have going. Keep it up! - Mike

I read your columns constantly and have dyed several sticks for my friends and myself. Thanks to your great tips they have been completed successfully!

I love your site. I live in St. Louis so everyone is just starting to get excited about lax here. - Tim Cantwell

Big ups to e-lacrosse. You guys know what is going on around the game.

I love your web site and all of the kick-ass ideas on it. - Andrew Peschong

I would like to say good job on the website. - Timbo

I like your sticktech section. I read it every month. - Josh stenger, Bel Air, MD

This site rocks! - Steve Hennig

I love your site and use it alot. - Ryan Walker

The E-Lacrosse Q and A kicks major ass! Thanks. Ya'll got me on my feet in lacrosse! - Sam

I really enjoyed your pages on the history of lacrosse!

I really like the Stick Tech column a lot. It has been really helpful to me to get my stringing perfected and to figure out new ways to string my sticks. - Alex Sassaroli

I am a big fan of this site!

I just like to say first of all you guys have a great site and I love the stick tech questions. - Sean

E-lacrosse is the best website on the web! I love the variety in choices and the in depth stick teck workshops! I dont how you all did this but it is unbeleveable! Keep up the fantastic work! -Country Day Laxer

This mom who has been left at home while her "boys" are out in Vail wants to thank you for keeping her informed with stories and pictures. Thanks for the Great web site, i have just logged in for the "umpteenth" time to see what is new in the world of lacrosse. I have been an athlete supporting mom for all kinds of sports, but this one really has my heart. Thanks for all the effort you have put into the making of a great way to spend some moments of my day. Robin Webb of Upper Arlington, Ohio

This site is very helpful if you aren't familiar with lacrosse. E-lacrosse is the best web page for lacrosse! - Susan Lawrence

This is a really good site! It is always up to date and very informative! - George

E-lacrosse's awesome! I want to tell you how incredibly great E-lacrosse is! - Scott

I think the playmaker is a terrfic idea!

I told every coach I know about the playmaker and now they all use it. You guys are geniuses! - Art

This is our first time visiting this site, and we love it. It is very informative and interesting. Our college daughter told us about it after seeing herself on one of the action videos. Thanks! - Jane & Bill

Hello, I really enjoyed your pages on the history of lacrosse!

This is a diggity site! - Ben


Finally something on-line to aid the coaches. Great job! - Jim Harvey, Garnet Valley HS

You guys are very informative! Love your columns. - Cody Yuzyk

A great and informative website!

Hi! My name is Alvaro. I play lacrosse for andersen Jr. high,in chandler Arizona.I just want to say thanks for everything you guys have done. I was a basketball player until I found out about lacrosse. Lacrosse is now one of my favorite sports. My team were runners up in the Arizona youth lacrosse league. Although I am only 13 years old, I plan to be a professional lacrosse player. You and other lacrosse people have inspired me to be a pro lax player. I just wanted to say thanks and good luck to you! - Freddy

Great webpage! Whenever I need to know something about lax I come here. - Jordan, Georgia

I think this is a great site! I ecspecially like like the video clips. - JWB

I am a HUGE lax fan, expecially when it comes to Brian Carcaterra. I have been following Brian as a fan now for about 3 years. I am also a goalie. THANKS...and I love you website!

Thanks so much for this great site, it has become a part of my day to check your video highlights. - Catesby Lewis, Senior, Goalie, St. Christopher's School, Richmond, Va

I really like e-lacrosse and the info on it. I am 12 years old and play indoor and club lax and I get ncaa information from your website. - Mike

I would like to compliment you on e-lacrosse. It is an excellent source for information on the game, the the high 8 video clips and pictures are great. I would also like to thank you for your recent interviews with Brian Mosher and John Paul, as well as your video clips of the Michigan-Georgia Tech. It is encouraging to see that type of coverage given to club lacrosse.

I can tell that you people at e-lacrosse really distribute the info evenly. I like how you don't concentrate on the so-called awesome teams! I just wanted to let you know that you guys do a wonderful job on this website. -Sue Hahn

Great and very informative web page. - Tim

I am a mid-fielder in grade school and I think e-lacrosse is great. -Cool

E-Lacrosse rocks!!!!!! Keep up the great work! -Samantha Carroll (5 year LAX player)

I love the site and visit probably once a day. Although I first fell in love with the men's game, love to keep up with it, and attend games, I also love my game too! It would really improve the site to give the women a little more space!! The game updates are great as was your coverage of US Womens but how about a tip column and tech for us? There are quite a few places for the guys to turn but we don't have anyone! We'd love to say that E-Lax was first in Womens' lax on the web! -Maddie in TEXAS

Thanks for your Mann Cup coverage. It's really appreciated. Many of us in the box lacrosse world here in Canada have felt that E-lacrosse has been too focused on field lacrosse and had all but forgotten about such great box lacrosse leagues such as the Western Lacrosse Association, the Ontario Lacrosse Association as well as the NLL. By comprehensively covering both box and field, E-lacrosse will not only attract a lot of box lacrosse fans to your site, you will also become the best single source for lacrosse information anywhere. Keep up the good work, your site is always interesting. -Paul

Baltimore is NOT the center of the lacrosse universe anymore...E-Lacrosse is. - Joe Zaffuto

First I would like to tell you that your stick tech site is great. I have already strung two pockets using your help. - Brandon

E-lacrosse stick tech is the source for good string jobs. - Mason

I think that this is a great site and the best for a lacrosse player on the net. Thanks for running it. - Scott Cohen

I just wanted to send out a thank to tell you that I really appreciate the time taken to make this web site. I am currently playing on my high school's lacrosse team, for my second year. I love the sport so much, but it's usually hard to find out any kind of information about it. Your website has made it easy for me to look up information for my own benefit of learning. I am also writing my senior research paper on the sport of lacrosse, and have really enjoyed looking through what you all have provided. Thanks again! - Sarah Roberts, Roanoke, VA

Your coverage of the U.S. Scholar-Athlete Games on the E-Lacrosse site is greatly appreciated. Your site is very impressive and informative. - Peter Koutroumpis, Coordinator for Lacrosse, 1999 U.S. Scholar-Athlete Games

I just wanted to thank E-LACROSSE because at the villanova lacrosse camp they ask questions and give away prizes and so I looked up (on E-Lacrosse) NCAA finals stats and questions. Low and Behold the last question they asked was "who was the MVP of the NCAA divison 1 finals" and i said Connor Gill and won a Edge Warp. So Thanks. - Chad Rogers

You guys are a great source for all lax happings for people like me who play and live in Colorado where there is not a lot of coverage. - Laxdog

I'd like to thank you for linking our West Genesee web page. When the parents players and local lax community heard about our page everyone said, " Make sure you get it linked to E-lacrosse," your sight is read by just about everyone in the Syracuse area. - Patrick Burke I am a goalie for my high school I just want to say that you have the best web site that I have seen in a long time. - john cooney

I look forward to many hours LAX surfing E-Lacrosse this season. - Anthony Casino, Ward Melville High

Watching your pages give me back the incredible time at the world games in Baltimore. Your site is killer! - Ingo Hess, German National Team

E-Lacrosse is by far the best site for lacrosse on the web. - Jim Z

I Love You Dudes! - Bobby

I really enjoy reading the stick tech workshop page and it's helped me string some great sticks. - Thomas S.

I love the website. Keep up the good work. - Rob Schmeling

I really enjoyed the proton review! - Jim Femminella

Keep up the good work. You are working hard to improve the quality of lacrosse everywhere and spread the reach of lacrosse. - Tim Vogel

I love your website! - JMF

I'm an upstate new york lacrosse player, and I really enjoy your site! - Dan leary

I love your page. It is my home page every time I go online. Keep the information coming on college lacrosse. - Mike, Keene State attackman

E-lax is the best web page on the internet By far! - A fan

I play for the University of Texas Men's Lacrosse Team. You guys are probably the best source for Lax info. - Richard Chen

Your website is awesome. I use it every day! Keep up the great work. - Laurie Podmilsak, Howard University Women's Coach

E-Lacrosse provides a great service for lax fans as well as those being introduced to the fastest game on two feet. We advertised in the classified adds and just hired an experienced girl's coach. Thanks for your help. - Tim Vogel.

I am a senior at Shippensburg University and a fan of the site. - Andrew Brown

I couldn't get by each day without e-lacrosse. Love your animations! Keep up the good work. - Jon Ham

I really enjoy the e-lacrosse Web site! - Joe Zaffuto

GREAT SITE! - Matt Field

I love your website. It is the best! I wouldn't be able to find out any lacrosse info if it weren't for you guys. I love it all. I come here at least twice a week. - Chris Sherman

Thanks for posting my Lax resume. Greatly appreciated. I am getting a lot of responses. - D.J. Wright


I can't wait to see Rage 2! I had the other one since it came out! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT I'LL BUY RAGE 2 - YOUR WEBPAGE IS ALWAYS AWESOME! - Tommy, #11

I have enjoyed visiting your state-of-the-art web page. - Cathy Samaras, former President of the USLWA

I am a coach down in Texas. Your web page is great. When ever I surf, I always have to stop and take a look. - Todd Rosson

Congratulations on perhaps the most useful lacrosse site on the web. - Buff Grubb, Coach, Tennessee Lacrosse

I love the new format! - Brendan Murphy

I am researching lacrosse for an anthropology class. Your site and links have been a great help. Thanks!! - Andy Sherwood

e-lacrosse is cool! - Scott

I was reviewing your page, and I really like it alot! - Colin Turner

Your web page is great. When ever I surf, I always have to stop and take a look. - Todd Rosson

I love your site & visit it everyday. GREAT SITE! THE BEST FOR LACROSSE! - Stephen DiGennaro

I am an avid reader of the on-line lax magazine. I think it's great! - Tim Keating

You are doing a great job for a great game. Keep it up! - Staff of American U. Lacrosse.

Hey, man, i read your magazine all the time. Thanx, and keep up the good work! - D.K. Stone

First of all I think you have a really good web site. It's the best of the LAX web sites. - M. Izzo

I would just like to comment on your website. IT RELLY KICKS ASS! I think it is great that you are giving contacts between players all over the world and keeping up to date info for lacrosse fans. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!! - Chris Stewart (#6)

The site is great! - A Player

First of all I've got to say I love your Website it is my all-time favorite! - Lax4law

I am very pleased to see e-Lacrosse on the web. Your staff and yourself should know how well of a job that you are doing and how much lacrosse fans and players enjoy your web site. I especially enjoyed the coverage of the finals last year at Rutgers. Thank you for the coverage and keep up the good work. - Greg Kulesa, Adelphi Lacrosse

You have a great magazine here!! - Justin J. Giangrande

Love your emag - it's great for the sport! - Michael Barth, Coach, Columbia University Men's Lacrosse

I really like reading E-lacrosse each month. It is really great and I've been reading it since about march of 98. It is great and I love it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! - A Reader

Today is the first time I've seen your site and it is awesome. It definitly blows away [other popular lacrosse site]. I loved the pictures from the post-season tournement. I graduated from Sachem highschool and there are so many pictures in there of my former teammates. - Jamie Trowbridge

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the on-line magazine, it is much needed. Could you post me under any appropriate contact lists for DIII club team. I coach at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Thanks. - Jason

I like the pictures! - Brandon

I visit your web page often. It is a work of art. - Louis Ortiz

E-Lacrosse is great. Just discovered it. - Mark Waddington, Victoria, B.C.

E-lacrosse is my personal favorite site. I love the links, pics, scores, everything! - Mike Malone, A Detroit Player

E-lacrosse online is really awesome it gives people a lot and it really promotes the game well. - Lee Silverthorn

This web site is awesome!  You guys have done a famtastic job.  I look forward to the new issue every month! Thanks! - Roger Sewell

I think you have done a great job with your web site and what it has done for the awareness of Lacrosse.  Keep up the GREAT work and I look forward to hearing from you.  - Dan Burnam

My son and I both were very impressed with the shots of the tournament (Strohsacker's Price-Modern Tournament pictures), and as a result, e-lacrosse.com has become one of his favorite stopping points when we are one line. - Joseph F. Shock

I read, with great interest, your Stick Science column. Keep up the good work. - Jo Nicolle, Woodville Lacrosse Club, Adelaide South Australia

My son says the [rage on the cage] tape is "awesome" - David

You are the god of lacrosse info.  Fantastic website.  I am a high school coach in Austin, Texas and I encourage my kids to check it out all the time. - Jeff Truscott

I enjoy reading your lacrosse magazine.  I especially like the stringing section, because I am always looking for new ways to string my stick. - Adam Kollender

The new section with all the stringing and stick info is great. - Mike Ryan

E-Lacrosse is doing a wonderful job promoting lacrosse - Matt Waesche, President, Clemson Men's Lacrosse

This is the coolest website out there for lacrosse.  I've looked for cooler ones but nothing compares to it. - Kevin Riley

E-lacrosse is the best site around.  You cover all of the men's lacrosse that I am interested in.  I love the photo gallary!  Good luck--I'll be reading and searching your site. Judie Berry

Hey!!! I love the site! but I have one request. Could you put more stuff in about women's lax? - Betsy


I love this site and I just wanted you to know that. - a player

This online lacrosse magazine is great! Its a lax player's dream come true; an awesome organized site just for us lacrosse players with everything you could imagine! Thanx a bunch! - Mike Burlin, Virginia Beach


E-Lacrosse is a wonderful page.  It always keeps the lacrosse world up-to-date on latest news and covers nearly all lacrosse activities.  Keep up the good work and promotion of this great sport. - Geoff

The E-Lacrosse format is awesome. - Edward Levin

I check your site daily. Need I say more? Thanks for your incredible efforts. - John Postel

This site is amazing!!!!  I set it as my homepage and I spend hours looking at the page.  I love the way there is a new page every month.  I also liked the Million tip. - Josh, Gaithersburg, MD

I enjoy reading your on line publication, especially in the spring as I try to follow my alma mater Hobart College (1977) - Charles Johnson

  I just pulled up E-Lacrosse and it is beautiful.  Do you continually change the format? That has got to take many many hours.  Now I will go back and check out some of the areas.  It is colorful and easy to get around.  Good job, my son. - Mom

This is a great page and i know that more and more people in oz (Australia) are surfing through.  Keep up the good work its a pleasure to read the lastest news on the worlds greatest game. - Greg Mollison

Congratulations on your World Games coverage! Excellent !!! - A German fan

It is Excellent!  All the info and links in one page you have made the page so easy to navigate.  Great Job.  - David Henriquez

I wanted to congratulate you on the coverage of the world games.  Keep up the great work! - Anthony Gray, Iroquois National Team

Thank goodness for e-lacrosse! - Daryl

Excellent presentation of material. Very Informative. All this information at our fingertips make it so easy to find out what is going on in the lacrosse world. Keep up the good work! - Francis Rossi

Enjoy your website and all the coverage & info. Keep up the good work on your website. Our family enjoys it. - The Meinerz Family

You have a great page with lots of info!  Thanks! - Brad, Uptown Lacrosse Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Congrats on a very comprehensive and entertaining site. - Christopher Larwood Adelaide, South Australia

GREAT WEB SITE! - Brian Schuler

Great Site! - Jesse Sherer

We love your site.  Moved from Maryland to Maine this year. Lacrosse is alive here, but we miss going to see JHU, MD and the others down south. Your sight keeps us up to date.  Can't wait for the next Rage on the Cage tape. - Mary Friesel

I just found your website thanks to the article in the "Sun" this morning.  Your work is terrific and I commend you for wanting to spread the word and the sport of lacrosse.  - Mike Welsh

You'll find an extensive collection of news reports, along with schedules, photos and even a screensaver. If you don't know much about this dynamic sport, there's probably no better place to learn. - USA TODAY

Just wanted to thank you for the link to my site that has helped contribute to the success of my site.  Since I began the site a little less than 3 months ago I've received over 7200 "hits".  Lately I've been averaging over 120 per day.  If you haven't stopped by check out the New York State High School Section III Lacrosse page at www.section3lax.com home of the New York State Champion West Genesee Wildcats. - Rob Hurley

I think your web site is the coolest!  I can spend hours in this site! - B. Panageotou 

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About the new menu format - Not as graphically pleasing, but certainly loads quicker which is a plus. Also like the score crawl along the bottom. The bottom line is you guys are constantly thinking and improving all the time. Keep up the good work. Hey wait, the old format is still available under "Fat Buttons."  You guys really are super!! - Mark Lutin

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I'm 15 and just moved to NC about two months ago from maryland where lacrosse is really big.  I have been playing for nine years and love the game. I really don't have anyone to relate to down here when it comes to lacrosse. I'm glad that I know that I can go the web page and find out any thing I need. Thanks! - Nick B.

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We were introduced to your web page in Vail July 1997. Your coverage was oustanding from the fastest shot to the championship game. This office has made note of your indepth coverage and is impressed. Great job. We will be following you through the year. - University of North Carolina lacrosse office

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On behalf of everyone at Wantagh High School lacrosse, thank you for all you do to support our great sport. Your site has given our team, its players and our sport a new level of recognition which we could never have hoped for before. Your site is certainly becoming the foremost lacrosse site on the internet and we are thrilled that you let us be a part of it by allowing us to post our results and linking our site. Thanks again. See you next season. - Howie

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I appreciate the services that you provide for smaller schools such as ours. Bryce Anderson,Gustavus Adolphus College

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This is a fabulous lacrosse resource! Many, many great ideas in here! But, where are the ranking and polls for women's lacrosse? I think that putting more women's lacrosse information would really benefit us all. - Amanda B. Chambers

E-Lacrosse: We are attempting to become a regular recipient of these types of records, polls, statistics, and any information from the Sports Information Offices of ALL Lacrosse playing schools. Delaware regularly posts their Women's scores and summaries with us. We would love to have more! We're a very young magazine and it's a slow process but we will eventually have them all. We promise!
Great site! - Joe Ernst, Head Coach, Providence Panthers L.C.

Just wanted to say nice job, keep up the good work, and I guarantee you that more and more people will be visiting your site. I have been back and forth between your page and [a competitor] and I have come to the conclusion that you have much more in-depth stories and information. Plus your site is kind of fun. Also, keep up the good work with the high school stuff. Yours is the only one on the net with high school lax scores from around the country which will also continue to attract more and more customers. Thanks so much. Go Lakers, and go Notre Dame! - Todd Ulrich, Boy's Latin School

You Rule - unsigned

I want to congratulate you on a job well done. In Australia we don't have that quality of Lax web pages. - Adrian Hall, Australia

Excellent web site! It's nice to get a look at scores from areas of the country that don't make the Syracuse newspaper. - Bob Leary

This page is wonderful! The most complete Lacrosse page on the net. - The Clarks

Great job of presenting up to date Lax info - first home page I access each time I log on to the web. Matt B - Long Island

E-Lacrosse is a great web site and your efforts to provide coverage of high school lacrosse is wonderful. Keep up the good work. - Ron Romanowicz, Oldfields School

Cool e-zine. - Bill

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This site is FANTASTIC. The layout, design, and most importantly, the information, for all lacrosse fanatics. A BIG PAT ON THE BACK to all involved in this site. I love it. - Daryl Fernquist

Sticks up, guys! - Constantin von Rundstedt, Germany

Your site is outstanding, and I will help spread the word in Michigan. - Aaron C. Frank, President of the Michigan Scholastic Lacrosse Association

I loved the site! Great to have a big spot to keep up on the NCAA standings and game results. - Paul burke, Huntsville, Alabama

I found this page sort-of by accident, but think that it is one of the best I have ever seen. Continue to keep up the good work. - Tim Abbott, Concord NH

Congrats on a great site...the best around for Lax! - Jack

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Great job on the page, it looks great! - Mike Crowley

I love the mag..There should be more like this out there. - Ben

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I just toured your web page, and all I have to say is WOW. It's about time someone put up such a great eye-catching and informative webpage about lacrosse. It is tops bar none. I especially was impressed with the many animated downloads. I am going to tell all my friends to visit your site. Thanks for producing something someone should have done a long time ago. - Unknown@Utexas

I think you have a great sight & you will be linked to mine for sure. - Jason Dowler

E-lacrosse is pretty cool. - John

I just wanted to comment on your awesome web site dedicated to the best game on the planet! It's refreshing to see someone taking the bull by the horns and making lacrosse info available on the Net. - Dave Gambrill

I have a new STX titanium stick with an STX turbo head/ traditionaly strung: how will I do this season with this item? - Jim

You've really done a great job on your lacrosse page and I'm anxious to read it throughout the season. - Scott Selheimer, Sports Information Director, University of Delaware


Today is the first time I've seen the e-lacrosse page. How long has it been up? I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned before, it's a great lax page! - Philip Quinnett, President of the Colorado School of Mines Lacrosse Club.

I just saw your new site. It's impressive. - Saul Davidson, Boston Blazers Boosters (Our first ever comment!)

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